Nintendo Switch


Supposedly there is an unpatchable exploit for the Switch that allows full root. They say only new hardware can fix it. If true it means homebrew forever.


Labo is way good. So far all I did was RC car and fishing.

RC car actually works. You can have races, but everyone would be pretty equally powered. It uses the IR sensor on the bottom of the Switch remote as a camera so you can see (in green and black) what the car “sees”.

The fishing rod was very fun to build. But once it is done there is a very basic fishing game. All you do is fish. However, the controls using the rod are as subtle and responsive as you would expect from a perfectly functioning arcade game with a rod and reel controller. Really makes the old Wii motion sensing stuff seem like a joke. The only problem is that the “ocean” can move around a lot. But otherwise, I can have a lot of relaxing fishing time. Hell, you can fish from your bed.


Also, don’t forget to slide the baby bear in and out of the mama bear. Then slide them both in and out of the papa bear.

Gao Gao


Yea I made the fishing rod and the RC car and it’s actually a lot of fun. My 3 year old loves trying to fish.




Nintendo Direct at E3 is one week from today.

Sakurai is confirmed to be part of it, so get ready to Smash.

Most people I know are making the incantations for some Animal Crossing.

Personally, I just want to see the Metroid Prime 4 that was already promised.


Smash and Privme 4 are all I’m really looking forward to right now. We already know about the pokermans, so unless we’re getting a new FE out of nowhere…


I bet there will be an animal crossing coming, whether it’s at E3 it’s hard to tell but I sort of predict it will be similar to other announcements where they show some ambiguous teaser and say it’s coming.


Had a great time with the Shapes & Beats. Had 3 friends over and we didn’t get stuck until the 16th song in story mode, Cool Friends. I picked it up the next day and beat it solo on 4 tries, then plowed through the last 9 songs solo. Well worth the purchase and I’m going to be doing a lot of challenge mode to unlock more tracks. You can play challenge mode online, and I would be up for syncing up a group.


I’m on the actual final final boss. I can probably beat it, I just have to sit down and commit to it.


Sushi Striker is a pretty neat matching puzzle game. Not sure if it’s worth $50 though but I’m having fun with it.


It’s $50!!! I was thinking about it, but definitely not now.


I had a bunch of that Nintendo Gold that I wasn’t sure what I was going to use on so I got it down pretty low but yeah $50 was a bit shocking for something I thought would be like $20-$30.


Holy fuck I am in that same boat. It was in the back of my mind, but now has been eliminated. 50 fucking dollars, wow.


I’m not that surprised. After all, we’re talking about the company that’s still charging 60+ AUD for Mario Kart 7 on the Eshop - A game that came out in 2011. Of course they’re going to charge too much for it, it’s how they do.


Yeah when I really piece it out I guess it’s not that surprising. They were charging $40 for the retail version of Puyo Puyo Tetris and its roughly equivalent to me for a game that was out 2 years earlier on other consoles. It’s $40 on 3DS.


I don’t 100% buy this logic. Nintendo has done better before. This is just ridiculous for what looks to be a fun little puzzle game. It’s even $40 for the 3DS version.

Compare this to much more reasonable prices on games like Pocket Card Jockey, the Pushmo series, the Boxboy series, Rusty’s Baseball, etc. These were all great games under $10. Incredible Nintendo value! I have a hard time believing this Sushi game has more bang for the buck.


They go back and forth. Sometimes they’ll get really great value and other times they really stick it to you. I will argue there is a decent amount of substance to the game. But it’s hard to compare. Something like Pushmo I spent hours with for a cheaper price but at the same time I played a lot of Puyo Puyo Tetris and the price tag for that game is sort of questionable too.


Sounds like Splatoon DLC is coming out on Friday. I’ve been thinking about playing some more again lately so that might be a good reason to get back into it.