Nintendo Switch


I thought it was today? (Wednesday)


I’m seeing June 14th.


BTW Hollow Knight is on Switch. If you like “Metroidvania” games I strongly recommend this one. I really didn’t like it at first because I didn’t quite understand what it was and went in with a different expectation from what it is. Once I took a step back and reframe what this game was, it ended up being one of my favorite games of last year.

Honestly I’m half considering buying it again to play on there.


I got a second Pro Controller now that I can also use it in Steam.


Seconding the rec on Hollow Knight, the atmosphere in this game is superb.


It’s one of the only castleroid games I’ve played in a long time that feels like an actual, full-fledged game.


That Pokeball controller is $50!? :scream:


Mario Tennis is downloading.


Oh shi- I completely forgot.


Well luckily they changed it so you can’t decline bad connection matches.


Probably not going to play online, so…


I just won’t play online.