Nintendo Switch


That’s kinda how I was but now I think it’s kinda big at times.


Bayonetta 1 + 2 are out for the Switch.
They are amazing games.
That is all.


I would be somewhat ok with the energy limit mechanic if the targeting controls were super precise. As it is (even with the target always turned on in the settings), the fact that it’s just slightly off center means I either need to spend more time by going slower or waste energy doing things like watering blank patches of soil. I played a bit of Stardew Valley on PC back when it came out, so I got it on the switch because I thought they might have changed that. I guess it’s not as big an issue for most people?


I bought Bayonetta 1+2 on Wii U and never wound up playing. I know I will enjoy them. Part of me wants to buy for the portability of Switch, and the smoother framerate. But ugh… can’t spend $60 when I already own it.


I’ve already played Bayonetta when it came out originally and I got through like half of 2 but yeah I’m sort of in the same boat. Would like to rather play on Switch but eh… not for $50-$60. They sell them separately digitally but I thought it would be like $40-$20 or something. But you basically just pay $50 for two if you want to save $10. Seems kinda stupid.

I liked the first one more than the second though.


Are we keeping a centralized FC list like in the old forum?



You can put it on your forum profile.


This is pretty neat: A wireless adapter that lets you play your Switch using a PS4 controller.


Maybe it’ll be fun but the way they’re showing this new Mario Tennis game makes it seem kinda stupid and gimmicky.


Annnd got some Smash Bros.


A lot of people are warning not to buy third party docks for the Switch.

Or talking about how it isn’t properly USB-C compliant.

I have been charging my Switch using the official dock, but also connecting it with a USB-C cable to my Anker 5-port charger. I’ve never had a problem. The details about USB compliance are definitely over my head.

Some people are reporting bricked switches. Should I not charge on the Anker anymore to avoid trouble?


As far I know from different gaming news venues, the problems occurs if have the latest Switch Update, and if you are using the Nyko dock.
Just to be safe, I would avoid any third party docks. I haven’t heard anything regarding chargers.


Why would a dock be a problem and not a charger? They both simply connect with the USB-C port.


It’s so strange. The question is, is it bricking because of the dock + the update, or is the update by happenstance coinciding with the MTBF for the dock+Switch combination?


Some people are saying this. I have no official confirmation, though.

If you are just charging your Switch with USB-C, it’s fine.

The dock not only tries to charge the Switch, but also handles the display output conversion siiiiimultaneously. The official dock has some code or chip in it that does this in a supported way. Third party docks do this in a naive USB-standard way. Thus, the third party docks end up charging the switch improperly and possibly bricking it.

Again, this is not confirmed, it’s just what people are saying.


This would’ve been great to post yesterday, but I was with extended family and no Internet. Thanks, Easter!
Oh, well. Better late than never.


Twitch is playing Super Mario Odyssey.

They are actually making shocking and significant progress

I don’t know if this says more about Twitch plays or more about Super Mario Odyssey. Can it be beaten by monkeys banging on the controller randomly? Or is it that the general interest of the Twitch chat can overpower the randomness.


Look at the number of people and the speed of the chat compared to something like “Twitch plays pokemon”. Look at that Bowser fight, it was one person job. It’s still impressive that thing even works at all, but I don’t see million monkeys banging on a controller situation there.


Labo comes out this Friday.


I should have bet you. You can still preorder on Amazon :wink: