Nintendo Switch


Oh, do you want to bet on it?

If Nintendo some how delivers enough of these so that anyone can get one, and there’s no resale market to speak of, I’ll just give you the extras for free.

If they are, as I suspect, ultra rare cocoa beans. What are you gonna lay down?


I predict that there won’t be enough at first but the distance between selling it out and restocking will be far shorter than other recent Nintendo ventures.


Just saw this on twitter and think it is kind of amazing. It is rather interesting to basically build custom peripherals for games which can also be rather fun exercise in itself, engaging a new market like the crafting community or potentially people going to design their own stuff in the future.

The question is will it sell. The question behind this is does the consumer understand the product. And so far as I can tell on the official twitter thing people do not. I watched the commercial whole way through and understood that you get the cardboard pieces you require as well as the software. People on twitter seem to have issue comprehending that there is a software component to this product, the common refrain being “Why would I pay $70 for cardboard?”

P.S.: I, as a Magic player, of course find these exorbitant prices for cardboard weird too, but what are you gonna do?

Edit: Someone just pointed out that a Labo pack costs 69.99 and it launches on 4/20. Nice.


Don’t forget the official tape and stickers. Odds are, they’ll be even harder to get once it sells out.


Labo looks like Google Cardboard. I hope this doesn’t lead to a patent lawsuit.



Everywhere I read about the Labo announcement I see people saying “it’s just cardboard!” and I am already sick of it. Either they are definitely trolling, or they are ignoring both the software that is involved and the fact that books, board games and trading card games might also be “just cardboard” too. It’s like looking at a video game and saying “oh, it’s just code!”

Edit: A good summary article of this Labo initiative.


Just realized. I REALLY have absolutely nothing to lose by making a gamble and buying extra Labo. If there is an enormous supply and the value goes down, I can just return them to Amazon and get my money back. Completely risk-free gambling, the only kind of gambling I do.

By the way, you can preorder them legit on Amazon right now:


I preordered the Variety kit, I mean My daughter will get a kick out of it even if she destroys it in a few hours :-p



Please be true.


Finally saved enough to get a Switch on Thursday, any worthy non-$50 titles to sink my teeth on until I can budget Zelda or Splatoon? I’m leaning towards Stardew Valley.


Stardew plays better on PC but the otibility makes it high fun on switch. Look into Celeste and golf story


If you’re a Sonic Person, Sonic Mania’s a good game.


Snipperclips, Blaster Master Zero, Golf Story, Night in the Woods (Fits pretty well on Switch)


So Nintendo Labo looks to be even more promising than I originally thought! Apparently, Toy-Con Garage allows for more customization and programmability, which kinda reminds me of Lego Mindstorms.

I dig it.


Yeah Stardew Valley on Switch is a bit weird but still fine. Golf Story, while I like it, is kinda a game I come back to, play some, and put it up again for a while. Snipperclips is alright. Night in the Woods is decent if you’re looking for a story driven game. Battle Chef Brigade works decently on the Switch as well. I’ve put a lot of time into Picross S if you want some puzzling. Lots of other carryover indie games like Shovel Knight, Steamworld Dig 2, etc. There aren’t too many exclusives in that space if that’s what you’re looking for. They can generally be had on the PC or other console. But they work well on the Switch.


Celeste is friggin incredible.


Stardew Valley still makes me angry. The game is garbage to me because the time/energy limit mechanic is bullshit. I enjoy grinding games like that, but with those added limits I can’t understand how it’s enjoyable. Good for people who enjoy that. I don’t need your explanations why, because you will not change my mind.

I still regret my loss of $15. Man, fuck that game.

Breath of the Wild: 315 hours and counting。


It’s a lot smaller than I thought it would be from pictures. :open_mouth: