Nintendo Switch


Is this a console thing, where guest accounts don’t work online (xbox live/ psn/ nn?


Ok, so it’s a bug. Once they patch it, you will just need one real Nintendo account per Switch to play with as many guests as you want locally. However, once online play is no longer free for the Switch sometime next year, you will have to pay.


I like that game, but I don’t like it enough to subscribe to it.

I’d really only want to play it at parties with friends who all have switches…


Worms for Switch. Return of Worms?


Only one question. When AI’s move do they do so on human timescales or instantly?


4 player Worms in table top mode. I… I’m going to die.




I can’t wait for these to be online. e_e


Has there been a episode on video game food products?


Mario tennis is coming. I hope it is legit, unlike the DS one.


The amazing part is that literally no one on Earth who reviewed the DS one said ANYTHING about it. It’s like we were the only people who noticed that it was a fundamentally different game.

I have zero confidence that there will be any way to know if it is legit except by playing it.


New wrinkles in tennis gameplay will challenge your ability to read an opponent’s position and stroke to determine which shot will give you the advantage.

What does this mean exactly?


How was it fundamentally different, out of curiosity? I only played it briefly, and it’s been ages since I played the real one.


It’s just simon says responding to the spin of the various shots. Your timing has no bearing. You can’t hit shots early or rush the net like in the old days.

The cadence of the game is set in stone, and all you have to do is move to the “right” place and hit the “right” button within a window of time.


Putting dark souls on the switch is kinda nuts. Tropical Freeze was a neat game that was pretty hard in sort of a frustrating way. I’ve been playing Ys VIII on PS4 and it’s been pretty solid so far. Never really played a Ys and it seems like a good entrypoint.


This is the only legit way to play Mario Tennis.



All I can say is this about Labo. I’m pre-ordering 2x of each on Amazon. You KNOW Nintendo is not going to make enough and it will be hella popular and sold out. Selling those second ones for PROFIT.


Eh I dunno, it’s all pretty readily available materials. Cardboard, strings, rubberbands. It’s not like chips and panels.