Nintendo Switch


The Switch is magic.

My real console history:

Atari 2600
Atari 7800
Game Boy
Game Gear

I never invested in any other consoles. The Switch has brought a core console back into my rotation!


I have extremely minimal use for a portable system, but between Mario Odyssey, Metroid Prime 4, and a hypothetical Smash game that I could still use a Gamecube controller on…Yeah.


You can just leave it connected to your TV…just saying.


I know, but I also have a PC that I game on, so I do not need another system for my TV. But the games on it may make it necessary.


I leave it docked on the TV, and just play it there by default.

I put it in a little case if I’m going anywhere or if we’re simultaneously watching hockey on the TV.


I’ve been playing more on my TV now that I have my NES30 Pro, just cus it feels better, but I do take it out of the dock more often than leaving it in.


I flip pretty frequently. I usually am not playing on the TV during the week but then on weekends I’ll dock it when I have time to sit in front of living room TV. Otherwise it’s just sitting on my nightstand.



So Mario Odyssey’s moons are not this game’s stars, they’re Korok seeds.


They are absolutely the stars, the only difference is you don’t get booted out of a level each time you get one.


They’re kinda both. You need them to progress in the story, but there’s so many that anyone who finds them all is very committed.


I guess that’s the limitation they were working with. Since the switch is designed to be portable, there needs to be enough lying around to stumble into one during a 5 minute bus ride. The session would feel like a waste otherwise.


Korg Gadget is surprising coming to the switch.

I use this program to sketch music ideas. It’s actually pretty full featured, like you can probably use it as main DAW full featured. It was surprised until I realized this is the 4th/5th Korg release on a Nintendo console.


I beat Mario Odyssey with a very meager 200 moons. Basically I want to each world and got as many moons as I could on my way to the first multi-moon. Whenever I went in a pipe or door, I made sure to get two moons, because you know there is always a second one hiding in there. Didn’t go back to any worlds to see their second incarnations or anything. I might, though.


I finished the game. Excited to find the end game content.


There are 880 moons you can get from missions. If you want to make the number go up more than that, you can buy moons at Crazy Cap shops until your total goes up to 999.


The one-off moons I bought at crazy cap on the first play through. Are those part of the 880 not?


They are, but after you beat the game you can buy as many as you want from any store.


FYI about Rocket League on Switch that was released today.

Every player needs an account. Next year when online play isn’t free anymore, you’ll have to have paid accounts for all players.


So long Rocket League.