Nintendo Switch


Mario on Friday.


Hmm. The Amazon physical preorder price is $12 off for Prime members.



Why do they keep doing this? I don’t want a cartridge, but I also want to save $12.


Yep. So conflicted. Wish they gave discounts on digital, but they won’t.

It does say guarantee delivery on Friday if I order today, but I don’t really trust. Got a few hours to decide.


Don’t worry about the delivery. Every single time I’ve pre-ordered a physical video game with Amazon Prime, it showed up by EOD on the official release date.


I committed to not dealing with carts, and I’ll pay the extra $12 to not ever have to think about them.


Yeah. I’ve thought about all the times I got annoyed having to search for a cartridge already. $12 is not worth it.


Oh, look who we have here.


LOL, bitching about $12 on your cheap hobby.


That’s like, 12 bagels, or 6 really good bagels, or 3 full on breakfast sandwiches.


Everything for my cars is $100s-$1000s, you get no sympathy.


Yeah, because computers and cameras as so cheap.


Ha, $2K is like half an engine rebuild.


I would hope a car engine that is rebuilt lasts longer than the 5-6 years I get from a desktop PC.


Except that by then I’d be rebuilding with stronger components for more power. Much the same reasoning for building a new desktop.


Except software continues to demand more horsepower. Roads are still roads. I wouldn’t buy a new PC if software didn’t get more demanding. Also, if my current one wasn’t getting all flaky.


And games are just a waste of time, let’s not go there.


I just don’t want physical carts. I don’t want to have to carry anything ever.

I suppose the only exception would be games I expect to play a few times and then never again (so I can sell/give away the cart).


Y’know, the baffling part is out of the last few preorders of physical I’ve done from Amazon, only one has shown up on release day. Kinda embarrassing considering I live like right next door to the offices haha.


The fact that this adapter I bought for Smash for Wii U will work on the Switch makes me think my eventual Switch purchase is likely.