Nintendo Switch


I got this guy:

I don’t think I will ever run out of space.

Also, apparently the loading times are slowest with cartridge.

If I would have known that, I may have gotten Zelda digitally also.

Also, the internal storage is limited, but still big enough to hold a few games. Put the games you play the most on there for the fastest loading times. Put the other games on the SD. I regret buying any games on cartridge. I only got Bomberman and Zelda cartridges because I was afraid maybe there would be eShop trouble on day 1.

Also, why aren’t other characters wearing crowns? Because BOO is the champ. They all gotta bow down to the king.

You know, because if they don’t bow he’ll be all afraid of their faces.

Their LOSER faces.


Shy Guy has no face. Shy Guy is actual champion. Shy Guy + Scooter = You lose.


Yeah. I got that too. Will be doing the digital. Just after work. Good to know that load time stuff.

Isabelle doesn’t need frivolous jewelry to show her awesomeness while some insecure characters do.


Got a gold trophy on the flower cup during lunch. Only what, 46 more cups to go?

Boo isn’t wearing the crown for his ego. He earned that shit. If you got bling, might as well flaunt it.


Cnaiur drew deeply from the flagon of sour beer, near choking on the words as he spat them.

“Boo, a king?! Bah!”

He stood, drawing the full malice of his frame over the aghast assembly.

“A king indeed… A KING OF NOTHING”


King of the road.

And the (tennis) court.

Also, his family owns a bunch of castles and mansions and shit.


I would have gone digital with Zelda but the game is fucking huge. I do have a massive SD card but I figured if there are as one cart to leave in the slot, it would be Zelda, at least until I am done with it.

I did foolishly buy physical Bomberman to save $10 but now will just leave that in the slot and go digital for everything in future.


I knew something was slightly fishy when I didn’t crash bumping into a wall once, and when my car seemed to magically steer away from the shortcut I was trying to take. Not it makes perfect sense.


Wow that bullshit was not in the Wii U one


Nope. I won races as Shy Guy Scooter Boy all by myself.


What the fuck is the right time for race start boost? It’s different than any Mario kart ive ever played.


In Wii U version I started holding the button right as the “2” reached maximum visibility and it always worked.


This worked. Just need to practice it. Wish they had that option/tutorial to do that.

Also, no chill.



Mine finally shipped out yesterday. It’s currently in Kentucky. The bundle I bought had BotW and MK8 on carts, but comes with a 128 gig MicroSD, so I should be able to go all-digital. Looking into Puyo Puyo Tetris and maybe 1 2 Switch if it gets cheap.


Tumbleseed is tomorrow.


On Amazon UK Mario Kart was £40 for a physical copy vs £50 to buy a download code. The temptation to go all digital is strong, but I balked at the 25% premium to do so.


One or more of the following is true:

Tumbleseed is really hard.

I fucking suck at Tumbleseed.


I’ve seen you play Ice Cold Beer. I’ve also seen myself play Ice Cold Beer.

We knew what was going to happen.


You’d pee a lot.