Nintendo Switch


Nintendo of course, doing things properly when it comes to something they really care about, which is piracy. If you root the Switch, enabling piracy for all, what are you going to do? To actually enable piracy for all, you have to disclose the vulnerability to the public. Nintendo will patch that up, but hopefully people who never upgrade their firmware will be able to use that crack forever.

Or you can just tell Nintendo the vulnerability you found and get an undisclosed amount of money, which could be pretty nice.


I saw the commercials happening last Friday. Was in a bar in Seattle and saw two dudes playing Snipperclips at the bar.

For any locals it was in Fremont, which is sort of where I’d expect this to happen if it was gonna happen anywhere.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe comes out next week, and Target is doing a bit of decorating.


Didn’t Mario Kart 8 already come out for the WiiU?


The Deluxe version comes out for the Switch.
I fixed my post to clarify it. Thanks!


Yeah, dunno how I feel about Mario Kart. I played a decent amount on Wii U but I like the idea of playing it on the go more. Or taking the switch over to a party for some Kart.

I’m stoked for Puyo Puyo Tetris. I forgot how awesome that game is. I’ve been playing the demo all week.


So many shopping cart races


Mario Kart 8 is among the best Mario Karts, but I don’t have a strong desire to drop $60 for a slightly deluxe version.


Remember when this game was a grinding game with coins? Apparently everything is unlocked for you once you buy the deluxe version.

Now if this was intended to get people who bought the old copy to buy a new copy to save time in playing their old copy, damn.


I have finally started my journey. I have commandeered about six bokoblin camps so far.


Nintendo is bringing that Twitter game:


I’m so on the fence about rebuying Mario Kart. I shouldn’t really care because I’ve bought two copies of other games that I’ve played way less than what I’d play Mario Kart.


I sold my copy of Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U, which I’m putting towards a new copy of Deluxe. That, mixed with the 20% off discount from Amazon Prime, really cut the cost of the new game.

I’m glad I went physical on that game, though!


Rainbow Road is all about honing your drift game. Gotta drift to survive, gotta drift well to win.


The 20% off is such a fucker. I love the fact that it’s 20% off, but by that same token it makes me break my desire to remain all digital (especially on the Switch). However I’m probably going to buy a case for my Switch and a lot of them have storage room.


Friend code:


Downloaded Mario Kart before work this morning. Already got a perfect first place trophy on 50CC mushroom cup on the subway. I will be doing the same for every CC and every cup, as I have with every other Mario Kart I have owned.


Picking mine up today. I am so excited to be racing as my waifu, Isabelle. Y’all can’t hang with her awesomeness.


Picking up? Why would you cartridge? Buying a digital code on Amazon worked even better than I expected. I pushed the button to redeem the code, and the icon immediately appeared on my switch and started downloading.



Yeah. I don’t know. I am thinking about just getting a refund to see if I can get the digital, but I’m just cautious is space. But I know I can just get more microSD cards.

Isabelle > Boo