Nintendo Switch




Fuck. That did it for me.



You can already preorder Mario Odyssey for Switch. You can buy it on Amazon, save $10 if you have Prime, and then they’ll give you the code to get the game as soon as its released.


Digital doesn’t get a discount.


Are you sure? That’s some fucking bullshit right there.


100% sure :slight_smile:

And yeah it’s 100% bullshit.


I didn’t even realize it and bought the digital one. Lost $10.

At least I’ll get better loading times and no risk/hassle of losing the cartridge?


Yeah I’m really trying to keep all digital on the Switch, but that 20% is such a siren call. I’ve given up on trying to keep digital for PS4 so I still order phys games for the discount.


I bought Zelda, 1-2 Switch, and Bomberman as physical at launch because I was dropping too much money already, and couldn’t justify passing up on the 20%.

Since then I got Splatoon 2 digital because that’s the sort of game you always want to have handy. I have been putting off Mario Kart 8 Deluxe because I already played it on Wii U, and ARMS because I wasn’t thrilled with the demo. I figure I could grab one or two more physical games before I go all-digital, since you can always keep one game in that cartridge slot at all times anyway. Something will get a permanent home there.


i held off for a while on 3ds but then I went back on my word at some point and the flood gates opened. I dunno, I might end up doing the same with Switch soon. I want that Mario rabbids game after seeing and hearing it’s not only an xcom style game, but a pretty challenging xcom style game. And of course odyssey. They don’t come out that close together but I keep thinking I’d be saving $24 if I bought physical.





I am excited for a new Meat Boy, but less excited that it is an endless runner. Still, I was only expecting a reshash/remake

Encouraging to see even more Shovel Knight. I never touched it after the base game, but there seems to be enough new crap to warrant a full playthrough of all the newness.




Fart noise. Just buy an SD card. Raising the price would have hurt sales without expanding the market or interest, and few people will have a problem.




Raaaaaats. I can’t buy a Switch right now!