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Jeremy will soon be finishing Horizon Zero Dawn and wants to play Breath of Wild next. This is problematic since I’m not even nearly done.

HOWEVER, I could ask him to get it for the WiiU…
[/quote]If he does play on the switch, make double sure he switches Ninty accounts before creating his save, or it will delete yours.


They sell the fire elixirs at the stable in the Gorgon part of the map, that will get you to the town at least.


There’s an easy way to tell if someone is a ninja.


I’ll keep an eye out.


That said, the easiest method still remains to check posthumously.


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Loving Breath of the Wild.

I have both 37 shrines and Korok seeds but only did the Zora domain so far. Then I went and fucking fought Gannon. I can’t believe I actually made it to him! Got 1.5 forms down. It only took uh… 50 shock arrow.

I then explored the entire map. And by that I mean I went from the southeast corner and swept west through the lower third of the map, exploring every nook and cranny until I hit Gerudo town. I didn’t tackle the beast there yet, but will maybe tonight. Took a pause to go unlock all the other towers and get full map, which was a bit of a challenge at times.

The game feels like it is def designed for Zora first. Based on the Goron NPC in town I figured they wanted you to go Goron next? But this shit really does feel truly open world.

All I gotta say is… Eventide Island. Holy shit that was cool.


Yes Eventide was so good. I accidentally blew up one of the orbs and I couldn’t save. I was about to cry because of the potential lost effort. Luckily it respawned.

No, go to Gerudo next.


I think I started in a bad spot, since Gerudo was the first place I went to. However love that giant guardian puzzle.


Before I encountered any Divine Beast, I went to unlook all the Towers, I died, died, and died some more. However, thanks to the shrines that I found along the way I was able to get extra hearts, and stamina to unlock them all. You really don’t have to worry about how hot or cold you get since you can always find a stable where you can make food or elixirs. I have gone to defeat the Zora’s beast, then the Goron’s beast, and my latest one was the Gerudo’s beast. Will take my time with the last one before I go an defeat Ganon.
So far it is lot’s of fun and I Nintendo has sold me with the season pass if I can get a hard mode.


I did the same thing. Fuck that boss. Fuck that boss so hard.


Did it do the thing it did to me where the boss would move fast enough that Z-targeting would just shut off?


Yup. And sometimes move faster than I’m allowed to move the camera.


Yeah that shit got old real fast. It’s 2017, Nintendo why is your lock-on system still garbage?


I’m pretty sure the Gerudo heat resistant gear is different from the “oh my god I’m on fire why am I hanging out this close to lava” gear.

You can buy not being on fire elixirs from the stable just before you head up the volcano, and there’s a quest to get a free piece of gear about half way to the main Goron town. (You’ll still need elixir(s) to get that far though.)


The arrow restock times are fucking bullshit. Yes, I can farm them, but stable hopping to restock with Beedle is the best.

Also Gerudo is serious business. I have so many unopened chests with gear in them. I have 15 weapon slots right now.

Also 10k rupees for the Fairy Fountain in Tabantha?! Ugh.


Like all of life’s money problems, it can be solved by bowling and selling people snake oil.


I have yet to get to the bowling area. I hear that’s good rupee farming.


Then give those merchants cheap potions loaded with bokoblin parts, merchants Love bokoblin parts.


This game. I love how how people figure out alternate ways of doing whatever and it works out.