Net Neutrality



Just watch it, until the very end.


It’s a Burger King advertisement.


It’s a burger king advert, yes, it’s also funny at the end, and relevant to the thread. If you feel watching a burger king advert will make you unable to resist the mediocre fast food, then don’t watch it.





Well, the Senate just voted 52-47 to advance the bill that would reinstate the 2015 Net Neutrality law. Progress.


Never going to pass the house or the President though :frowning:


The hope is that by forcing representatives to vote, they might face some heat for voting no on something 87% of america supports.

This is also good math. 87% of the US supports a thing. Only 52% of the senate voted along with that. The government is roughly 35% corrupt.


This is why Net Neutrality is important. What Verizon did here is inexcusable.





The silver living to all this is that since the goverment considers bot comments as valid as real human comments we have a precedent for AI rights


If it happens again we’ll just have to wage a battle of who can lay down the most fake grass.