Net Neutrality


In the interest of accuracy, I believe a simple majority would be required in both the house and senate. Don’t quote me but that’s I believe all that would be required.


Fight For The Future, a non profit dedicated to protecting open internet, reported as much.


The simple majority assumes the support of the orange one. Without that, you need a 2/3 majority.


I do believe that to be the case. Yes. So practically speaking a 2/3 majority, but at this point I get fuzzy on the details. A 2/3 majority of what? The house, the senate? Both individually? Both combined?


By both individually.


Net Neutrality is so supported that he may not veto a bill. Who knows? He is so unstable and changeable.


He appointed Ajit Pai, so…


Technically, Obama appointed Pai. Trump just reconfirmed him and made him Chairman.


Yes, I know, but he turns on people and decisions so easily, thus the “unstable” and “changeable” statement.


Coming soon to an ISP near you…



I can’t tell if Eric Schneiderman is generally just awesome, has aspirations for higher office, or both. Regardless, I don’t really care as long as he keeps on doing what he’s doing.


Called it! Yay Schneiderman!


The last two Attorney Generals of NY went on to become Governor. Unlike Cuomo, both Spitzer (remember him!) and Schneiderman made big public careers out of actually seeking justice against big targets. Spitzer actually hammered Wall Street back in the day.

If you went to Vegas to bet on Schneiderman being governor after Cuomo, they probably wouldn’t even take your money.


You never know, they may give 1.01-1 odds



Ask your congressmen how many followers they expect to lose when people can’t afford to add Facebook or Twitter to their internet plan.

Who knew Obama has such strong feelings against his own regulations?



My only question is whether he’s angling at governor or President.

Maybe the former and then the latter.