Nazis marching in America


Framing this as “free speech vs counterprotesters” is making me want to punch a nazi :weary:


Unofficial report from BPD officer suggests the right wing rally is over with an attendance estimate of 20. Meanwhile, many resisters on Twitter are saying they can’t even see the Boston Common yet – the march is that big.


There were rumors spreading that the Nazis had left at least 30 min before I reached the Common, and I couldn’t even see the back of the march from where I was. It was fucking massive.

Does anyone know where to get training to be a street medic in the Boston area? Either training aimed specifically for street medics or an equivalent but generic first aid course would be fine.


I had a water leak in my apartment, else I would’ve been there, the photos look amazing though. Seeing the media feed on Twitter has been a treat.




Looking at all of the news about Boston today, all I see is article after article about the counterprotest, and nothing about the original “Free Speech” rally. No official website or flyers, or anything about the speakers or organizers. I only heard about it as an anti-nazi rally through social media and nowhere else.

What was the origin point that got so many people to show up? I only ask because I have a few Libertarian friends who are insisting that the original rally had nothing to do with Nazis and was led by candidate for US Senate Shiva Ayyadurai, with pictures of people holding anti-Monsanto signs.

I’m sure I’m missing something somewhere, but in the event that I end up having a discussion with them about it, I want to be able to speak to it more than, “I saw people talking about it on Facebook.”


I would consider not being friends with them.

Look at the list of speakers. Look at what Shiva Ayyadurai actually stands for.

I would seriously consider not being friends with the people who tried to tell you this was anything but a hate march.


I mean, you’re not wrong about that, assuming they do know about the list of speakers and Shiva’s agenda, and aren’t just going on hearsay from social media.

But since I can’t find ANY information on their original march, I don’t even have any reference to point them to if they are just under-informed. (I suspect this is the case for one of them).


The fact that they’re repeated the standard talking point of the white supremacists implies, in the very least, that they’re hanging out with the shitty crowd on the Internet, probably a nazi subreddit…


Yes, one of those guys is definitely more of an anarchist troublemaker who just enjoys posting the most inflammatory things of the moment to be contrary. I don’t talk to him in person much anymore.

Though the crux of the whole thing is that I’m just trying to identify the specific ass-hattery that was going on in Boston today for my own edification so I could speak intelligently to who and what specifically was being counter-protested.


The Boston Globe has a good write up on the speakers published on Thursday. Most important thing to note is that their headliner was involved in Pizzagate.

Also, reported that one man with a firearm was arrested. DigBoston, at the time of the arrest, tweeted that he had been affiliated with the “Free Speech” rally. This isn’t getting enough attention.

EDIT: I found the DigBoston tweet and he’s wearing a MAGA hat.


Perfect, thank you - this was exactly what I was looking for.


I’m actually having trouble finding a lot about his policies, mostly just that claims to have invented email years after it was really invented and he’s against the “establishment”, or maybe the (((establishment))), and he makes fun of Warren for having claimed to be Native American.


For all the assholes saying they went to the march for free speech or whatever, it was called “Unite the Right.” They stayed while a bunch of Nazi’s and other white supremacists where there, so they have no reason not to be lumped in with them when they were literally “uniting” with the Nazi’s.


The medics with the red tape website here:

Pkerr was present as a medic as well, although not affiliated with that group. You might have seen the white sign with the red cross. We got the feeling some of the BSM did not like us participating independently (they are predominantly anarchist and antifa aligned), but most of them were cool, helped us link in, and we traded supplies. There were several medical staff from Tufts serving independently as well. The predominant medical issues were sun and heat related: bringing water, salt packets, & sun screen to share, learning signs of & responses to heat stroke, and finding help seem to go a long way.

Pkerr says Red Cross and Blood Banks often offer general first aid courses & that is a good place to start. They also said you can contact them privately if you are interested in additional resources beyond first aid.


Any tutorials on the proper way to punch so I don’t break my hand?


Not really. Well there are but its a hard one. Just keep your wrist straight, thumb under your fingers (but not tucked into them) and swing with your hips.



Well, the easiest way is to use your elbow. Keep it tight, like you’re squeezing a marble in the crook of your elbow, thumb toward your chest, and swing with your torso, not your shoulder.