Nazis marching in America


Good news is that the city council agreed unanimously to bring down the statues here in Lexington, and it looks like a couple companies have already agreed to move them for free. However there is quite a bit of red tape involved in finding a new location for them and approving the move at a state level.

“Lexington Council votes unanimously to move Confederate statues from downtown”


What’s with all the statue moving? If a monument was finely crafted by a true artist, then I’m sure many museums will be glad to take it for free. If it has no artistic merit and was a mass-produced lump of bronze, just melt the fucker.


Why are they moving them? Just throw them away. If you’re gonna move them put them like in a statue park, but in context (aka depicting their role in history, e.g. losing a war) And even then that’s iffy.


Hydraulic Press Channel could use some new items for crushing.


Much better than Tina Fey’s “sheetcaking” tactics :P.


I believe the plan is to relocate them to a park with various military memorials, which is more honor than they deserve. But hopefully they’ll at least be in a more appropriate context with plaques and shit and not in the town center.


That is better than town square but still not sufficient. Were that happening in my town, I’d join any movement tearing them down after they were moved.


It’s a bit more specific than that. They won’t represent white supremacists who march while armed to the teeth. The national ACLU has also come out in agreement with this stance. In other words, “Nazis, if you’re going to march, leave your guns, pitchforks, and torches at home, otherwise you won’t get any legal representation from us.”


BTW, I love this solution to dealing with the red tape of moving monuments… It’s pretty brilliant, I think.


Not gonna argue with ya there, and I’m liking @Apreche’s idea about making a donation to the Hydraulic Press Channel!


SPLC center has some issues as well I’ve been annoyed by some of their taring of Muslim reformers they have done a few years back, but I don’t expect perfection from my institutions




Here’s how a German town that happened to be the former burial place of Rudolf Hess decided to deal with all the Nazis that regular show up there:



There was supposedly going to be a KKK rally or something today in Durham at noon, pretty good protest turnout. Sounding like only a couple KKK / Nazi types showed up. Looks like they gave up for now although there’s talk of them trying to do it later today (which would be outside of the permit period I heard, so we’ll see what happens.)

Edit: Apparently no permit had been issued.


Yeah, the reports I’ve seen are that something like five nazis showed up and were scared off by the presence of a few hundred counterprotestors, who then proceeded to have a dance party and graffiti the statue pedestal with “Fuck the KKK.”

This is pretty much exactly what we want to happen any time Nazis show up anywhere – antifa won’t have to use physical force when the Nazis are scared and outnumbered a hundred to one.


Hey check out the first letter of each paragraph in that resignation letter… that’s how you know it’s Arts & Humanities people. :wink:


Madison is taking down their Confederate monuments:

Wait, Madison had Confederate monuments?


It’s honestly kinda difficult to find a large city in the US without them.