Nazis marching in America


It is August 2017 and currently the fucking Nazis are marching in Charlottesville, Virginia. It started yesterday night with these assholes turning up with fucking tiki-torches and marching through the campus of the University of Virginia. They were also carrying swastika flags and performing Heil Hitler salutes.

Today things turned violent when a car rammed into a group of counter-protestors, killing at least one. Also very suspicious is that a bunch of these assholes have turned up in full combat militia gear, more or less posing as national guard members

All of this makes me sick to my stomach. I am not american, but as an austrian who has to live with the legacy of the Nazi party and what it has done to my country in the past and the lingering elements that still persist, even though it is outlawed, has me absolutely disgusted with the situation.

We live in dark times with the global resurgence of right-wing extremism. Am glad to see so many people around the planet also outraged and people on the ground counter-protesting and telling these assholes to fuck off. I am looking for a way to donate some money to a good cause opposed to this Nazi scum and would be open to suggestions, as well as other things I could do here from austria.


In times like these people often look for the political leadership to speak on the matter. The only thing offered by Donald Trump so far is the following:

We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of violence in America. Lets come together as one!

Lukewarm bullshit of couse, which allows all sorts of interpretation like at least one Neo-Nazi scumbag having asked so far “Did Donald Trump just condemn Anti-Fa?” Not like we expected anything else considering that these assholes are almost universally Trump supporters and his election has emboldened them to make such marches.


The nazis had a car that just ran over a ton of the counter-protesters, killing at least one.



And the followup Tweet:


My grandfather and great uncle murdered nazis. It was perfectly legal. In fact, they were rewarded for doing so.

Just saying. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


I daresay thank you for reminding me of that. My grandfather survived capture by the nazis. Revenge is not unreasonable.


Today, I set up proper social media channels to be on alert for local anti-fascist action groups. It’s past due time. When the shit hits the fan in my neighborhood, I want to be in the know.


I’ll never be on the front lines. I wouldn’t be able to handle it. But I’m giving money when I can and supporting everyone I know who can fight.

EDIT: Who should I give money to for on the ground anti-fascism? I can only think of the SPLC, which relies on police to enforce laws, which I don’t have faith they will.


The SPLC bankrupts hate groups and their members via civil suits, keeps an intelligence network on hate groups that the FBI frequently relies upon, has a massive educational campaign called Teaching Tolerance which provides anti-hate course material for free to all schools and student groups, etc. Saying they rely upon the police is a half truth that does not do justice to the organization scope of work.


You don’t have to lecture me on what the SPLC does. I canvased for them. what I I’m looking for is first responders against fascism. Is there an organization dedicated to preventing shit like Charlottesville?


Driver has been Identified and charged with murder. Turns out he’s a 20-year-old white kid from Ohio, Registered republican, vocal Trump supporter, lived with his mother, told her before he left that he was going to an Alt-right rally.


Yeah, I have been involved with them since middle school thanks to their educational program. I was just making sure their merit wasn’t being unfairly characterized.

Give money to BLM.




So is it ok to punch Nazi’s yet?


If you want to punch a Nazi, go right ahead, but then turn yourself into the police. If you punch a Nazi, I may be happy that you did it, but as a lawyer, if I was a prosecutor, I would charge you with a crime.

We do not punch people for their thoughts or for what comes out of their mouths. Not even Nazis. We are better than that.


It’s always been OK. You can even shoot them dead if you want to. My grandfather and great uncle did, and they were rewarded for doing so.

I don’t know if you remember the last time there were nazis in power. We tried to deal with them using every peaceful means because we were peaceful people. We even gave them land peacefully so that they didn’t violently conquer it. It didn’t work. The only thing that worked was shooting them in the fucking face. I abhor violence more than most, but until you can demonstrate another proven method of stopping nazis, I’m going to have to favor murdering them until there are none left. Even at Nuremberg where we gave them all a fair trial. And then we hung them by the neck until they were dead. I don’t want to even kill a small bug, but if the only way to stop nazis is to murder them, so be it.

Anyone who stands trial for violence against nazis, I will arrange to pay for your defense lawyers.


I 100% approve of hitting racist assholes:


I’m of mixed feelings when it comes to punching nazis. On one hand, they 100% deserve it and it’s super cathartic. However, violence didn’t stop the Nazi’s from gaining political power. In fact it was a key component to them seizing control. Part of the Nazi playbook is to get punched.