Movie Trailers



Probably crap, but hey.

I’m gonna have me some fun!


While I still hate Alita’s eyes, this trailer more or less shows that they are sticking pretty close to the first arc of the manga, so I’m begrudgingly back on the hype train. Ugh, I can’t wait to be disappointed.


I never watched it, obviously, but this trailer makes me think of Ted. A comedy movie with people and a CG companion. I don’t see the point because they’ll never beat Roger Rabbit. Slapping a Pokemon theme on it isn’t going to make it work. It sure will sell all the tickets, though.

Call me when it’s Pokemon Adventures the movie and Pokemon are dying and shit.




Quite possibly my favorite action franchise at the moment, maybe also tied with the more recent Mission Impossible movies:


If you haven’t seen the trailer…

This poster tells me NOPE, but I’m going to watch it anyways.


I mostly avoid trailers, but given Get Out I’m onboard for whatever this is.


Trailer is fucked up scary/spooky, I’m for it, but also not for it because I’m such a sucker for jump scares/thriller type movies and I know Peele will make it a good one.




Going to see it tomorrow. People that cared about the source material have only good things to say about this adaptation.
I hear that the only let down on the movie was the romantic story line, which to be fair, was also pretty weak in the manga.
Also, if you have not read this manga, what are you waiting for its amazing and readily available everywhere. The deluxe release is amazing.


Was James Cameron still involved with this? He was supposedly a huge Alita fan, so it would make sense that it would be kept as faithful as possible.


He was a producer on it, though Robert Rodriguez directed it.


He was the producer, and also one of the writers.