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Because in the manga she has eyes that are notably more enormous than the other characters. It’s not just the drawing style, it’s a character trait. They were trying to be faithful to the source material in the wrong way.


I think giving her large eyes like that was a mistake. Alita might have large eyes, but her face is still supposed to look human. I feel like those eyes make her look more like the aliens from Avatar. I guess they were trying to make her appear more like a living doll?

Battle Angel Alita was the first manga that I read, so I’m not sure how I feel about this. It’s one of those things I never thought would actually get made along with the Ghost in the Shell movie. Does this mean that we’re going to get that Akira live action movie that was rumored years ago?


Certain people in Hollywood seem obsessed with actually making these projects happen even though they continuously fail. Meanwhile, actual unique and new material can’t get a dime. Shame.


To be fair, from what I know of it the original manga was set in the US and a lot of the characters weren’t Japanese (correct me if I’m wrong, going on what I’ve seen others say). Also, the cast of this new movie is decently diverse by Hollywood standards – Alita herself is played by Rosa Salazar (Latina), and the rest of the cast includes Michelle Rodriguez (Latina), Mahershala Ali (African-American), Eiza González (Latina), and Lana Condor (Vietnamese-American) to name a few. Also a Latino director in Robert Rodriguez. So it isn’t as egregious as other North American anime adaptations in that respect at least.

That said, to be fair in the other direction: there are still a good number of white people in the cast, including Christoph Waltz and Jennifer Connelly, and the Latinx cast members are still fairly white-passing for the most part. Also, just because the source material isn’t set in Japan doesn’t mean that there can’t be more Japanese and Asian-American actors included in the project, especially for characters that actually have Japanese or partially Japanese names. Plus this is still a work from a Japanese creator. With all the talk the last few years of getting more Asian-American representation in Hollywood films, especially ones based on Asian source material, this really should have been an opportunity to address that by casting more Asian-American actors, even if only in supporting roles.

As for the eyes: I’m not sure how to feel about them. I was rightly horrified at first glance, but the more I look at the effect, the more okay I am with it. Still, hopefully it ends up being part of some meaningful take on the uncanny valley in robotics or something, or else it’s just a really bizarre creative choice that will alienate audiences for no reason.


Yeah, Tiphares is supposed to be above Colorado AFAIK.


Wasn’t Lucy the Akira live action?


Nah, Chronicle is Akira Live Action.


The only character I remember having a Japanese name at all is Daisuke Ido, but he doesn’t really look Japanese. Everyone from Tiphares is blonde.

It seems like the movie will just cover the first couple arcs in the manga like the OVA did. If this movie turns out better than I think it will. I hope they do another one covering the Motorball arc.


Steven Speilberg presents everyone’s favorite book of 2017.

Yeah, it’s gonna be shi–wait, did I just see Tracer, the Iron Giant, and a fucking GUNDAM?!? WTF is going on here?!?



The visual styling and the people involved are enough to make me somewhat interested in this.


These are the two most interesting trailers that played in the theater when I went to see The Last Jedi.

The first is Alpha, which tells the story of how dogs became early man’s best friend.

The second is A Quiet Place, a horror film which appears to contain no dialogue (or at least as little as possible).




I am heartened by the fact that Cable has many tactical pouches.


Can’t be a Liefield creation without an absurd amount of tactical pouches. For…like…sandwiches or something.


Hey man, with bodies like most superheroes, you burn a lot of calories, gotta have a nice calorific mid-battle snack, ready to go when you’re duking it out with some villain. You’re just not a superhero when you’re hangry.



Well, #5 is just good advice.