Movie Trailers

Quick, someone edit Sonic the Hedgehog into the background!

Ive been seeing the trailer to Midway a few times now since I run in aviation and specifically WWII aviation sort of circles; and while some people are hype about it, I think it looks terrible. Like worse than Pearl Harbor bad. And that’s a shame, because between all the sides and groups of the war, there is absolutely some interesting story to tell about the grand carrier battles of the Pacific in WWII, ones that could really use some modern VFX and so-on to do some heavy lifting and show the scope of things. But from everything in the trailers, looks like it’s going to be just utterly hot garbage.

So, if they do a halfway decent job with the aviation and carrier parts, I’ll forgive whatever hoo-raing and the overly dramatic officers arguing about plans type conversations we’re likely to see. But I feel that the really cool flying stuff is going to be minimal, and corny, and bad. In fact just from the trailers alone it’s clearly and irrefutably terrible. And so pretty much the rest will be equally crap.

Anyone interested in an actually good WWII carrier movie? Cuz I want one.