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I don’t care much for what Fox has been doing with the Marvel movies. X-Men: First Class and Deadpool are outstanding exceptions while everything else ranged from “meh” to “KILL IT WITH FIRE!”

I finally saw the trailer for Logan yesterday (I didn’t watch it for the longest time since this is, what, the third Wolverine-centric movie?), and it really took me by surprise. It certainly wasn’t what I expected, and I might actually see it.

What movie trailers caught your interest?

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Right? It looks like a legit good film that just happens to involve the X-Men.

Now, let’s try a trailer that almost saves an awful idea (key word being “almost”). Right off the bat, you know that The Emoji Movie is the worst concept ever. You knew it would be bad from the very moment Sony announced it a couple years back.

Thankfully, whoever made the trailer seems to agree with us. They transformed it into a brutal mockery of those third-rate CGI family flicks that get flushed out to theaters every season.

Will it make me interested in seeing this thing? Probably not, but I still give props to whoever came up with this trailer.

On the upshot, Patrick Stewart is in it voicing the poop emoji.

The Ghost in the Shell movie has premiered its Super Bowl spot a couple of days before the game.

After seeing the brief teasers that Paramount premiered back in November, I have to say this looks way better than the other failed Hollywood adaptations of anime we’ve seen in the past. If there’s one thing that I can’t stand about this spot, though, it’s that damn sound effect they play constantly. If you’re sick of the horns that Inception popularized at this point, this is far more ear-grating. (Seriously, you might want to turn your speakers down a bit.)

Has anyone seen The Red Turtle yet? It looks really interesting.

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Not really a trailer, but obviously I haven’t seen the movie yet so whatevs: They’re adapting Sleeping dogs into a movie, with Donnie Yen as one of the lead actors. Not sure if he’s playing Wei Shen or not as the article claims, since Wei Shen is meant to be quite young, but Donnie is getting up there in years, and the the dude who plays the character in the game, Will Yun Lee, is also an accomplished martial artist and actor.

At least there’s a good chance that It’ll be a decent movie, since Sleeping dogs was already pretty much just a Hong Kong police/martial arts movie in video game form anyway.

To make up for last post’s lack of trailer, here’s the trailers for Iko Uwais(AKA, that guy wot did The Raid and approximately 45 seconds of “The Force Awakens)” new film, Headshot. As to be expected, it’s hyperviolent Indonesian action thriller with Iko’s Silat Harimau taking center stage, so if you liked The Raid, you’ll probably like this.


The first trailer for Deadpool 2 is out, and it looks to continue the insanity of the original. I wouldn’t expect anything less.

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From the director of the Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea… Wolfwalkers:


Also if no one noticed the phone booth has “Nathan Summers coming soon”.
This means Cable the other famous Rob Liefeld character may be in the upcoming film. He’s the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey who was smuggled to the future and comes back in time as a man well older than his father. He’s super serious and will likely take the place that Colossus took in the first film, except with guns, telepathy and telekinesis with a metal prosthetic left arm (which hopefully gets chopped off in the film).

I haven’t watched any of these movies, but I’m really curious what story they will make for Cable. In the comics his story was the most complicated unintelligible mess. Are they gonna bring in all that nonsense with Askani, Stryfe, etc.? Or how about Mr. Sinister and X-Man/Nate Grey?

I think the best bet is to ignore all that nonsense and just stick to Cable & Deadpool.

He teased it in the post-credits sequence of the first movie, so yeah, he’s gonna be in it.

There was an interview stating how they’ll handle it.

This looks like a CW version of Death Note – lighting, casting, acting, music, art design, all very CW-y. In other words, it looks kind of cheap and knock-off-ish.

Also, as has been pointed out by people smarter than me: how much more horrifying is this premise now that it’s a loner-looking white guy “cleansing” the world of criminals in America?


It sounds like Willem Dafoe is phoning in the voice too. That was the only reason I wanted to watch this.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard It is staring Ryan Reynolds (The bodyguard) and Samuel L. Jackson (The Hitman). Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you” being used as the soundtrack in the trailer. This looks like a perfect late summer comedy action movie.

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Eggsy is back!

That movie was so cringingly awful and offensive, I’ve no idea how it made it into a sequel.


I enjoyed the movie until the last 5 minutes which was so off putting. (that and they really didn’t know what to do with the female lead in the climax.)


[quote=“adam, post:18, topic:343”]
I’ve no idea how it made it into a sequel.
[/quote]I assume you mean other than the almost half-billion dollars it made worldwide.

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