Movie Trailers


I think he means he has no idea why it was so wildly popular despite its pretty obvious flaws and offensive treatment of women as props and sex objects.


I was pretty surprised that the movie did so well and how close it was to the original text which was supposed to be just a provocative side project for Mark Millar (even he didn’t take it seriously but knows how to pitch his comics as movies).

Had star power and was fun to watch a British movie of this B level story that was tongue in cheek all the while.

Not the best movie, I skipped watching it at the movies and watched it digitally.


I’m cautiously optimistic! Arrival was one of my favorite movies last year, and I’ve heard nothing but excellent things about Sicario.


Definitely watch Sicario. The first 45 minutes are some of the greatest slow burn tension building put to film.


It’s been on my list of movies to watch for a while, it has now been moved to the very top.


This might as well be a trailer. Without looking it up, what is Kaiser Permanente? Sci-fi dystopian megacorp, right? Run by maybe Blofeld.

“Team, we’re really going for evil megacorp. Full-on Philip K. Dick territory.”


Kaiser Permanente is a health care firm. That’s not a movie trailer.


Jackie Chan! lol


Speaking of Jackie Chan,


I feel like I just watched the entire movie.


It was not a subtle trailer.


I have found with most trailers these days if you watch anything but the teaser trailer or the 15 second tv spots it shows most of the plot beats of the movie.


Another Jackie Chan vs All evil White Men, beaten into submission the movie. Can’t wait. :grin:


This book series was a cornerstone of my childhood reading, and this film adaptation of the first book looks so promising. I have chills!




This is some Shadowrun ass Shadowrun right here.



Also read the video description.


Let’s check out the next great product from Hollywood’s whitewashing assembly line.


Why the fuck did they CGI her, and only her, to have gigantic manga eyes?