Miscellaneous Music Thread (Include a Description with your Embedded YouTube)


Pop punk is like white chocolate: It’s good, just don’t be fooled by he misnomer. It’s not real punk/chocolate.


Just chilling during the dog days of summer…


Some rap that’s been on play a lot lately:

BROCKHAMPTOIN: some kids who met online and yet have made fire track after fire track? All their singles have been great but STAR is my favorite.

Dumbfoundead: The guy goes full k-pop on this track and the result is catchy as fuck and the video really nails the visual influences. Also check out his History of Violence video if you need some politically charged rap that hits home right now.

Tyler, The Creator: He’s been rightfully given a lot of criticism for his content in the past; his latest album strips a lot of that back and goes right to his personal self. A lot of talk is made of him coming out as definitely bisexual on this track (and others in the album) but that’s only a tangental part of why this is worth bumpin’


All Pigs Must Die is face meltingly good. If you like heavy then this is the perfect jam for a bit of nutt’butter on toast.
(Crust punk/grindcore)


I remember hearing an interview with Tyler earlier were he talks about this. Basically saying that he felt he became famous way too early and that he now feels that all of the dumb shit his teenage self said in public had closed that a lot of doors for him that he regrets, but that he is fine with people resenting him for it because at the end of the day he did say all of those things.




Sannhet is a pretty cool Brooklyn-based post-rock/shoegaze band with blackened edges. Not quite metal per se, so here it goes.




Pouring out a shot of Cuervo Gold for Walter Becker. RIP.


RIP Isaac Hayes.



Listening to A State of Trance, like I do every week. Suddenly there’s 57 seconds of BOOM that end really abruptly…

Here’s the original mix:


http://www.helpmechill.com/ is the next best thing to https://mynoise.net/




Trixie Mattel’s album is just :heart_eyes:


I didn’t want to like this. But two days after I can’t stop singing.


This is a certainly not for everyone. It takes a while to get into and unpack but really worth it for the end result. By the band Wolves in the Throne Room, Thrice Woven is a challenging album that had its hooks in me for the last couple of days now. It twists between fairy tails and this dark unsettling black metal. It is beautifully composed, and after about two years of production and recording you would hope so. You can feel the elements of repetition stretch to the perfect point before changing up again. Every piece feels so well selected to build the growing mood of the album. You will go on a journey with this album there is no doubt.

I was out deep in the mountains this weekend walking a small bear in the woods with this playing. And for a moment I wasn’t in Japan, I was in this dark world, this ephemeral feeling crept over me till I was enveloped. For a good half an hour I forgot where I was it was disorientating but wonderful at the same time. Then I actually got lost but that is a different story.

It is hard to find black metal that truly stands out, especially from America which can be looked down on my the Scandinavian side. But if you are willing to put the time in then you will be rewarded.


I grew up on Wolves in the Throne Room…


I am filled with Envy I only got into them a couple of months ago and found out that the new album was out two days ago.


Dude, truly the opposite. I’m jealous that you get to discover them for the first time. Sorry if my post sounded a bit condescending, it’s just that there was a huge disconnect between your post and how I saw the band: that of nostalgia and memories of being a teenager.