Miscellaneous Music Thread (Include a Description with your Embedded YouTube)


I really should stop spamming this thread, but I can’t.

I just love how funky and weird this song is.


Well I’m quite glad I clicked on that.


Some sweet beatz from the upcoming Sonic Forces.


On that note.


Adult Swim released a couple of tracks from their Singles program on their YouTube channel.



Getting into some dance music and synth pop. You guys got any recommendations based off of these?


My jam today. It’s so straightforward. It really gives me that Tribes 2 OST feeling I haven’t felt in so long.


Club banger or workout banger.


More 80’s A E S T H E T I C jams.


The new ZZ Ward is killer. Sweet blues/gospel pop goodness.



NSFW because naked boobies


Tom Roush does beautiful renditions of folk songs from the 19th century.



I just got back from a singer songwriter retreat in Woodstock hosted by the great Richard Thompson (above). On Thursday this band, lead by a vet of the retreat going back to its first year, stopped by to hang out with us and played a brief set in the pool room totally spur of the moment. It was amazing and I’m so glad I asked for a CD because the whole thing is stellar.


This tune was embedded in the latest page of Romantically Apocalyptic. It’s pretty trippy.


I only just found out, my old favorite punk band Frenzal Rhomb had a new album drop just this may, Hi-Viz High Tea.

(So here’s a song about a retail worker dealing with minimum wage drugery by shoving a bunch of ecstasy up his arse.)


What a perfect album cover


Also, if you’re into Led Zep, you NEED to be listening to Greta Van Fleet.


Fuck yeah, pop punk is fucking dope and I don’t care what anyone says