Miscellaneous Music Thread (Include a Description with your Embedded YouTube)


Nah no worries I totally get what you mean. There are bands that I love that people just find. Its all great! Gives different perspectives and views. That being said how I haven’t found this band before is mad.



Insecure Season 1 & 2 Soundtrack is just too good. It introduced me to a lot of young up and coming R&B/Hip Hop artists. A lot of good mellow stuff that you can just kick back to with others having good beats that just either makes me bob my head or start dancing. Also they both contain Issa Rae’s raps which are PRICELESS.

These lyrics make me laugh:

Also I finally discovered how wonderful Kendrick Lamar is.

Alright is my national anthem for getting through all this fucking bullshit with Trump.


This is so strange and quirky that it puts a smile on my face.


Makes me nostalgic for my childhood. I grew up in garages trying to get this sound. The lyrics are dripping with dry sarcasm but become super poignant in the span of a second. Fantastic record.


During ASOT 834 last week I heard this jam. I can’t find the track anywhere else other than the episode. To hear it you’ll have to skip ahead a bit past Armin flapping his mouth.


Does anyone need a rockin’ Halloween playlist?

(If it’s blocked for you, here’s an alt link.)

EDIT: Turns out the alt link has two bonus tracks.


Not what I was expecting, but I’m glad I found it.


St. Vincent’s new album is :fire::fire::fire:! It’s powerful and intoxicating and distinct from the rest of her albums!

Genre: Uhhh… Alternative synth art pop with the occasional guitar solo?


Going back to my childhood once again with this Industrial classic.


Antoine Debarge - Dolly.Zéro
Genre: Melancholic French electronic something?


Yo dog we heard you like music videos:

The song itself is meh, but the execution is so spicy.


Whenever I go to NYR games MSG always plays this extremely bangin’ electronic music to get everybody pumped. It totally works, at least on me.

The thing is, I didn’t know what particular genre of EDM it is. However, thanks to the magic of technology I was able to finally find it on Spotify. I used Shazam to identify one song. Then I clicked on that song in Spotify and chose “play song radio.” Spotify instantly created a playlist of similar music. Found some gems on that list.

Really gives me a lot of the feelings I had with old PC game soundtracks that pumped you up like C&C Red Alert, Mechwarrior 2, Descent 2, Tribes 2, and other games with 2 in the title. If I ever make an action game I guess I’ll be calling Thomas Newson for help with my OST.


I know you don’t have Siri on, but you can also ask Siri, “What song is this?” and she’ll use Shazam to figure it out.


I thought about turning Siri on with this Apple Watch, but no. I’ve never used it.


Yeah, that is so funny, like you’re just now discovering technology that has existed for years and years. With Apple Music and Siri that’s a single question, and then a single tap. I do it pretty often.


I didn’t discover it just now. I’ve known it has existed. I just didn’t think to actually use it before. Like how Superman forgets he has heat vision and ice breath.


That is unexpectedly one of my favorite features on the Pixel 2. It’s always listening for music and if it finds a match it shows it at the bottom of the lock screen.


Auralnauts made a parody of generic modern trailers a couple months back with a cover of “You Spin Me Round” playing in the background.

Now they’ve released it on its own.


The new Joji album is pretty good.