Miscellaneous Music Thread (Include a Description with your Embedded YouTube)


Aaaand you overwrote my jam.


I grew up listening to my Dad’s records. Among them is Long John Baldry’s Everything Stops for Tea, and it remains one of my favorite albums. @Greg, if you aren’t familiar with Long John Baldry (and you very well might be since he discovered and worked with so many greats as well as was great in his own right), you should be.

For more information about his legacy:


I encountered Baldry on two Rod Stewart records that used cuts from Steampacket. I find his arrangements to be excessive, using a lot of techniques that go directly against the soul of the blues. However, that’s also how I feel about Joe Cocker and Jimmy Witherspoon, who even the blues puritans generally consider great.


Funny about that She album, I just had it pop up on my list yesterday. Must some kind of algorithm thing? Cuz it’s not a new album that just dropped so… odd. I shared it with a friend who went and immediately bought the whole discography on bandcamp. He was super psyched. I love the blends of chiptune, synth, and overall cyberpunk fantasy vibe it has going for it.

Another thing that came up on my recommendation list that was a good call:

It’s literally a bunch of old Chinese vinyl mixed with some sick beats. Chilled out but groovy.


I love the more inventive, layered arrangements. To each his/her/zir own.



Somewhat related to my last post.


Not speaking a lick of Japanese, I’d want to name that song and video CRISPER.


I think this is my favorite music video of all time. Modern ragtime virtuoso Blair Crimmins arranges for a night on the town with his muppet friends.


Reminds me of “We Like to Party” by the Vengaboys.


Because it is mostly is.


Synopses of all the Alien movies set to rap.


The new Royal Blood track is a banger.


Basically 90 degrees out. Ahhhhh. Time for some summer jams.


Thank you for that. I listened for like a minute and bought the album.

Also Lemonade by Beyonce is EVERYTHING.



I listened a bunch of covers of Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You” and none of them really capture the exciting unpredictability of her original. Her singing is just so unique:


“Strictly Top” by Absolutely Not

I guess I’d call this punk pop, but in a DEVO or Le Tigre way, not in a Blink-182 way.


This Yakuza Song is pretty great.