Miscellaneous Music Thread (Include a Description with your Embedded YouTube)


This chorus is catchy as hell. The only thing I previously knew about Jamiroquai was as a punchline.


So if you’re into the synth/retro revival thing at all, or J-anything at all, or just old anime music at all, you might want to give this an attempt. It is blatantly familiar, yet not quite any one thing. It’s fun and its groovy (if not usually specifically memorable in the way much of this music is) and I’ve blown through their new debut album twice now. https://satelliteyoung.bandcamp.com/album/satellite-young

Genre: J-synth (synthwave if you replaced Miami with Tokyo)


If you’re not listening to the punkjazz explosion of the Soil and Pimp Sessions, boy oh boy do you have a good treat ahead of you. So good.


The new Kendrick album dropped today, so far it’s pretty fucking spectacular.


Pack it in boys, Lil Dicky just perfected music.


OMG this was great.
Not sure that music is solved but it was entertaining lol.



Pouring one out for a hero of mine.


I’m not surprised they came out pretty well. Fugues are exactly the type of music this would work with.

Would you like to know more? Read GEB.


GEB? Google isn’t helping.



It’s my favorite book. I don’t recommend it very often though - it’s long and dense. But it talks a lot about maths and musics.


I quite enjoyed GEB. It felt odd reading it right after college, as it summarized and oddly capstoned my education.


Greek Indie Dream Pop. Found through a massive chart defining all the musical genres found on Spotify.


The final part of Radio Ghibli is up.


I really have to thank Vaporwave for bringing back (in a way) one of my favorite sounds ever, the 1980’s-1990’s J-pop sound. I would say it was a guilty pleasure of mine, except it’s not guilty at all.


Did someone say 90s jpop?


Today’s official playlist:


I’m still on my 90’s J music kick, but now I’ve moved on to Visual Kei, with it’s adorable campy looks and neoclassical proggy sound.


Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, and Mitch Mitchel turning a simple blues into a heavy rock anthem. This is so close to the music I want to make.


Just came across this, it’s my current jam.