Miscellaneous Music Thread (Include a Description with your Embedded YouTube)


I’ve posted them a few times before but in this thread it’s easy to miss posts.


I think we should start tagging posts with genres, It’s hard to judge music by a thumbnail.


This makes a whole lot of sense considering there is an entire category for Music and we don’t really have too many topics going on except this one.


I’ll kick off the genre tagging then.

Ty Segall - Thank God for Sinners
Genre: Garage Rock (with Surf, Punk, and Psychedelic influences)

Other songs better represent the Surf and Psychedelic aspects, but this is the song that first got me listening to him, so it’s the one I shared.

I’ve been mildly obsessed with his music for a few years now, and in May I finally get to see him live!


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Just something to encourage people to say what they’re posting. Maybe “Miscellaneous Music Thread (With A Description) (Please Make This A Wall of Embedded Youtubes)” or something to that effect.


Updated with something slightly shorter but right sentiment.


Yeah that joke was gonna make less and less sense as the forum ages now that I think about it. Thanks.


I quite like names of threads that mostly but not completely make sense.


So there’s this neat challenge going on YouTube where someone takes a MIDI of a song from a classical composer (Beethoven, Bach, etc.) and inverts the intervals. The results are pretty interesting.


For any of you who make music, I’m actually curious what software you use.

The last time I was seriously arranging/composing, I used Cakewalk Studio and a bunch of MIDI hardware. This was circa 1994-2004.


Pro-Tools is overwhelmingly the software of choice. I use Ableton at first because the entry-level version came free with a piece of hardware I needed. I’ve come to really prefer it over Pro-Tools, both because I find it easier to use and because I dislike subscription software.


Blarg. I’ve used Protools quite a bit, and I never really liked it.


Don’t Ableton and Pro Tools do completely different things?


There’s major differences but I wouldn’t take it that far.



[quote=“Rym, post:94, topic:114”]
For any of you who make music, I’m actually curious what software you use.
[/quote]I don’t personally, but I know plenty who do - Ableton, Pro tools, Logicpro and Fruityloops seem to be the big four.


DAWs like Ableton and Bitwig really shine in midi sequencing, while Protools/Cubases work a lot better with recorded audio, although there’s not much you can’t do with any one of those and the appropriate Fx/synths.

If you have an ipad and want to just be able to sketch songs and ideas and play around there’s Gadget, which I use a lot. It’s fast, intuitive and can export to other file formats easily.