Miscellaneous Music Thread (Include a Description with your Embedded YouTube)



Part 2 is up.



I listened to the Starboy album recently, it was incredibly well recorded.


Macross 82-99 has a new album.



Wanna avoid going down a total Retro/Synthwave Black Hole, but:

Carpenter Brut is basically the king of this stuff as far as I’m concerned.


There’s a Chuck Berry Greatest Hits collection called the Great 28 that I’d memorized, but this track I hadn’t heard and is making me want to dig through the lesser known tracks.




Sorry if this gets stuck in your head, it is currently rattling around in my skull.



Breakmaster Cylinder is one of my favorite remix artists on YouTube. He recently released his latest album for free on his Bandcamp, Pickled Beets: Part III.


It’s kinda boilerplate 70s dream folk but I’m loving this Philip Lewin album. Hopefully I’ll be reviewing it for Boston Hassle next week.

EDIT: I forgot to link


Kyle is a lot of fun


Wintergatan covering Willy’s Castle theme on a hacked together synth.

You guys probably saw his Marble Machine video that made its way around the Internet a while ago, but he has all sorts of cool videos on homemade instruments and music boxes.

He’s currently collaborating with a bunch of engineers online to make a second Marble Machine that is easily reprogrammable. Every Wednesday he puts out a video documenting the design process, it’s pretty interesting stuff.


Holy shit guys Dorothy


Doesn’t seem to be anything out of the norm, pop rock, meaningless lyrics which aren’t thought provoking or crafted with finesse.
Band isn’t stellar enough to wow me to the point of giving up on lyrics.

Not for me.


I liked her voice, reminded me of Nico Vega.


For context, what do you think of this?


Immediately the musical instruments are more engaging.

Holy shit you should have just posted this first lol.

As I said different personal choices.
The recording isn’t too great but some of the best music was recorded poorly, just need to add these guys to my Google Play Music.

Edit: The Google Play Music version is better quality, singer is reminiscent of good Chris Cornell songs.