Miscellaneous Music Thread (Include a Description with your Embedded YouTube)

Out today:


He’s not letting us down


New Faye Fadem drop

Great reaction to a parody

The touring Logistics video first is the original the second is commentary from someone who does it for a living.

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Save yourself 40 minutes and skip the second video. The second video says that the first video is well-informed and very accurate.


Auralnauts has a new album out!

Order it here.


Practically a TOTD but this mashup mix is just wild with nostalgic fire:

To even try to give an example of the wild sonic collage going on here would amount to spoilers.

One of my favorite bands has released a new song in advance of a new EP that will drop next month.

I’m really enjoying the full OP and ED songs for Zom 100.

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Playing on repeat


I had more mixed feelings on this collab when it first came out but with time to let my own personal hype for it die down and in light of recent events in my personal life I’m starting to really appreciate it.

I recently made an order from CDJapan to complete my collection of Necry Talkie CDs with the EP they released this month. In addition I bought the Asian Kung-Fu Generation album Planet Folks released last month. And while listening I found a nice surprise as Rachel from one of my other favorite japanese acts chelmico appears during the song Hoshi no Yoru, Hikari no Machi.

Spanish Love Songs released a new album. Here’s a great track from it:

Blame a random comment on Davie504’s video.


This is a great episode of talking about jazz.

An old favorite that my brain brought back up when in 40k I decided to ferry around some Hellblasters in an Impulsor. “Those fuckers, always leaving [plasma] on my floor mats”.

I kind of missed out on a recent Slackers album they released last year, and when I listened to it I came across this song which would fit very well in an anti-fascist music playlist.

Perhaps this song reminds you of the Rancid song Wrongful Suspicion of off their 1998 album “Life won’t Wait”. However, that is because Slackers band leader Vic Ruggiero borrowed it back, having co-written Wrongful Suspicion.