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Breakmaster Cylinder has released TWO new albums today!

Theme Songs
Next Level

Happy Halloween!

The ending song to the tv series “Have Gun Will Travel”. Listened to it hundreds of times, but the addition of a French Horn just improves it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXs1MF-OgzQ

Another one!

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Paul plays lefty??

About a year ago I discovered Necry Talkie, a japanese pop-rock band that is just loads of fun. They had some tie ins in anime before, most notably their song Fuzaketenaize was the OP for the first season of “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” but I actually discovered them in a roundabout way: The manga for Bocchi the Rock starts almost every chapter with an illustration parodying a music video of a japanese rock band, and I actually went and put them in a playlist and watched all of them, which lead me to Kongaragatta a song I immediately fell in love with.

Since then I have bought every release of the band on physical media, getting them shipped from japan. I fucking love this band. Their music is fun and creative, and every music video they make is just a delight. And they are also very actve, having released at least one album or EP every year since 2018.

This week the new Scott Pilgrim anime by Science Saru was released on Netflix, and who would happen to be tagged into do the opening for that show? Necry Talkie with a new song entitled “Bloom” which was previously unreleased.

They have had some success before, but so far probably the thing they’re most well known for is their singer Mossa being tapped to sing the female parts of the Kana-Boon song “Naimononedari” on The First Take. Some other exposure they had when they started up is that their band leader Asahi is known in Vocaloid circles as Ishifuro, and Necry Talkie went and re-recorded a bunch of his Ishifuro songs for two “mini-albums”.

I hope them being part of the Scott Pilgrim anime gives them more exposure because they really deserve it.

Edit: Changed the video link to a new version with an actual music video.

I worked at a music publisher, and I also don’t know how that is legal. BMI indeed, is a non-profit. How can private equity own it? It’s a society which only takes in money to pay for its operating expenses. All other money it collects goes out to its members.

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People of Uruguay are about to get VPNs and Spotify accounts from neighboring countries.

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BMI switched to a for-profit business model last year.

Reuters article on the sale.

SESAC has always been for-profit though, so it’s not particularly unheard of. ASCAP remains non-profit.

Oooh. Just after I left the music publishing business. Yikes.

Things move fast in the MuPuBu.


Screaming Females have called it quits after 18 years as a band. I find that kind of unfortunate. Their album Rose Mountain in particular is fantastic.