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Usually I really dislike remasters, but this one adds so much clarity and makes all of the amazing details of the record pop up that I can’t help but love it.


Cold Fairyland




If you only listen to one song today, it should be this one



I feel it’s kind of weird, but I really love the entrance song for japanese wrestler, MMA fighter, part-time voice actor and professional villain Minoru Suzuki.


Damn I started listening to a song while coming across this post, unlucky.


Been listening to this all day.


Just wanna take a moment to remember the life and death of one of my all time favorite musicians: Nujabes. He died this day seven years ago in a tragic accident where he was hit by a car while walking home. As remembrance, below is a seamless compilation of his Luv(sic) hexology including part 6, the instrumental of which was found on his cell phone after his death and released by his long time collaborator, Shing02, three years after his death.


John Wick 2 Soundtrack
Google Play Music


Not many overt earworms like Undertale, but Night in the Woods has some of the best chill ambient music I’ve heard recently. And the soundtrack is huge, so if you’ve played, these will just remind you of the one specific scene they belong to.


I want to play that game, but I’m waiting for a sale/bundle.


This, basically forever:


Damn that was good.


I want that daft punk painting, but it’s expensive.