Miscellaneous Music Thread (Include a Description with your Embedded YouTube)


Chilled out and vibey take:


If you don’t want to watch the setup, skip to 1:39.


How have I never found this OreSkaBand song before? I want to wake up to it every day.



I stumbled onto this song, and by extension this artist, listening to a random playlist on youtube. I like it.

Could make a good AMV… But I swore amvs off after my nothin’-but-net first and only effort.


Rag N Bone Man made my favorite version of St James Infirmary ever.


Ignore her haircut, because this video is a one way ticket to slap city. Holy shit.


When some of your favorite rappers hit the runway and dunk on some hypebeast folly. I don’t even know how to process some of these sounds.




Man, this song hit me with an intense wave of nostalgia. You’ve triggered my yearly GitS rewatch.

I hope you’re happy. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am 15 characters worth of happy.


Focus released a new album two days ago? WTF?!?!?


Are any songs as good as Hocus Pocus?


Not yet. Got four tracks left to go. They definitely all sound like Focus songs, though. If you like non-Hocus Pocus Focus, this is 11 new tracks of that. If someone turned it on and I didn’t know, I would easily guess it was an old Focus album that I simply hadn’t heard before.


I wouldn’t be able to name a single non-Hocus Pocus Focus.


It’s easy. Just add a roman numeral. Focus I, Focus II, Focus III.


I’ve been really into this George Clanton guy lately, even saw him live which was grrrrreat!

This isn’t the most epic music video ever directed, but it really does hit the nostalgia vein that this guy is tapping into. He’s digging into that growing up in the 90’s feeling, without being corny about it.




I fuck with all this: