Miscellaneous Music Thread (Include a Description with your Embedded YouTube)


You’ll never know, how I played you from the Nintendo as a child:


Someday that statute of limitations will run out and I’ll tell the story of last Sunday night here, but until then just know I never felt the true spirit of this song until then.


Gavin Dunne released his first new track of 2019 and it’s absolutely wonderful.


So glad to find some not racist lyrics to American Defense.

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@Pegu made a cool app for finding new music on Bandcamp.


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Donoteat posted this, said it’s for those of us in the spreadsheet mines and the javascript farms. I agree.

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Stan Rogers always gets a like from me.


This on repeat.


So, I discovered Adam Emond, who takes existing songs and cuts out every other beat. The results are pretty wacky.


I’m kinda mixed on this track to be honest. It’s a fun little doom surf track, but it lacks the heavy drive of something like Hipster Shakes or the drawn out intensity of a Fever Breaks. I like it, I look forward to seeing it live, but I worry BPF’s best days are behind them.


When looking up bands for a music festival that I really want to go to at the beginning of may (though I’m not sure I’ll be able to), I found the band “Spanish Love Songs” and they are really good. They are also in a recent trend that I found of bands such as Off With Their Heads or The Menzingers, who sing really kick-ass songs about deeply depressing shit.


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Still one of the best music videos ever:


I’m very grateful for the existence of ColorsXStudios