Miscellaneous Music Thread (Include a Description with your Embedded YouTube)


This stuff always gets me pumped. New She:


The full Muse album dropped today including the bonus tracks… like a marching band version of Pressure featuring the UCLA Bruins Marching Band. Because it seems the band just doesn’t give a fuck anymore.

In fact I’m enjoying some of the bonus track versions and remixes better than the “official” versions in the main album.



I’m heavily biased as Marina provided vocal tracks for me pro bono, but Cherry’s album Blanquita is killer.


Thank you, O Great Algorithm, how did you know I love Mongolian folk rock?


I miss the old YouTube recommendation algo that was only based on stuff related to the video you were watching. I spent so long going from topic to topic on those recs. Now it’s mostly stuff I’ve already seen from my feed or weird shit that’s either essentially chosen at random or probably paid for.


Interestingly my recs are spot on to what I want to watch.

I have a separate account logged in on the HTPC, and it has spot on recs for the kinds of things we tend to watch together on the TV, distinct from my general recs across all my personal use of youtube.


I tend to get a mix - about half is spot on, the rest is…let’s say, speculative at best.


Yeah I get about the same. Usually a few things I would consider and some stuff that’s not my jam.

Problem is I watch so many different things on my account and the fact I end up seeing a lot of stuff I’ve already seen.


Cheesy but fun:



I posted this Adult Swim bumper last Thanksgiving, and in the year since then, I’ve found the full version. So here’s the song (alongside Alice’s Restaurant) that you should be playing on this momentous holiday.



This song has an interesting article to go along with it–this song can reduce anxiety and stress.

Here’s a Spotify playlist of other songs that can achieve the same effect.


IDLES seems like a new popular punk band but I only today came across them after a “best album of 2018” post on reddits /r/punk board had their new album as the top voted reply.

Listened to the opener of the album which is the following song, and thought I simply had to post it because of the lines “I’m like Stone Cold Steve Austin, I put homophobes in coffins” and “I’m like Ted DiBiase, I win no matter what it costs me”. The video itself, referencing those two and a number of other public figures, is also very interesting.


That is indeed one of my favorite albums this year, all of the stuff they’ve put out thus far has been ace.


This is my new jam :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


So a new band I recently discovered is the all-female quartet Bad Cop/Bad Cop. Their album “Warriors” which was released last year is excellent and deals with a lot of millennial and feminist issues. The song I want to highlight here is called “Amputations” and deals with cutting idiots out of your social circle. The first line of the song, “I’ll cut you out when you turn purple and green”, is also a pretty direct reference to gomergate and channer culture, and fuck those guys always.