Miscellaneous Music Thread (Include a Description with your Embedded YouTube)


Lit track from Estiva


I love electronic music but I’m not too fond of club music. I prefer that sometimes weird unorthodox electronic music getting put out on soundcloud nowadays.

Here the time signature adds some real jankyness to each last beat in the measure which I absolutely adore.

Maxo’s so good at subverting your expectations, the way this plays with the tension building up is great

Also just generally how much funk/jazz influence there is nowadays is great at breaking up the formula
In case this gets taken down the song is called YUC’e - macaron moon.

I love how the composition fits so well with the unsettling sound design

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stay away from the sugary pop stuff


Good, because that’s my jam~ :smiley: Although I go a bit closer to the organic/sound collagey side of things when it comes to the music I listen to/make.

This album absolutely blew my mind back in High School, it changed who I was musically.

This kid is way more talented that he has any right to be, I love the frantic rap vocals he uses super buried in the mix.

More dance oriented, but equally glitchy and fun.

Also, your description of that first song reminded me of this song by Clipping, they keep adding a beat to the measures to make a really really tense atmosphere.


YouTube music is no longer a viable option for nerd music. Taking suggestions for an alternative.


Pretty much comes down to Bandcamp and SoundCloud if you’re opposed to YouTube and need something a bit out there that isn’t on the main streaming sites.

I use Bandcamp more often now. I really like being able to pay a few bucks and grab FLAC files.

For example that She album Electric Girl linked above, actually listened to it again last night, sounds amazing in lossless. Was a no brainier purchase thru Bandcamp.

And there’s just so much crazy strange, weird, esoteric, kvlt as fuck music on Bandcamp.

And it’s so easy to just listen to the music right there and see if it’s good and worthy of a purchase. A lot of stuff I don’t bother paying for but is fun to try out time to time.


The Stone Foxes are basically Black Pistol Fire but with more people and less energy.


2 Mello has two new tracks out from an upcoming album of twelve.



Final Fantasy VII themes, re-imagined as a short Synthwave album

These are some of the more lowkey hits, with a flavor not totally out of step with a Stranger Things camp of synthwave. Dark, ominous, but rad and rockin’. You can almost imagine Midgar soaked in Neon, pulsing and pumping with the glow of its Mako reactors, streets filled with Materia-Infused cyborgs, eating noodles in the rain while the end of the world looms under the horizon.



The glitchy transition in the beginning instantly sold me on this song, so good.


New Iglooghost? New Iglooghost! Same crazy sharp and bouncy sound~



Muse but not electric guitars and keyboards and bass and drums.



Juliane and I can’t get enough of Khruangbin on YouTube. Just the coolest, most effortless band ever. The drummer? Cool as fuck. The bass player? Cool as hell. The guitarist? Cool all the way.

Festival set:

Studio set:

Those are wigs, right?


YouTube animator Yotam Perel (a.k.a. LazyPillow) amateurishly mashes a bunch of samples together in Ableton Live…and gets some pretty funny results.


I think I need a cup of tea, the world keeps burnin’
Oh what a day, what a day what a day


Expand your listening rotation


The king of English folk rock is back