Miscellaneous Music Thread (Include a Description with your Embedded YouTube)


Revisiting this album, my favorite of Richard’s acoustic solo performances.


Forget Yu-Gi-Oh!

This track… what needs to be said?


I think A Million Miles Away is a better album than CHAM!, although it doesn’t have a banger as good as I Miss You.


Iglooghost is such an inspiring producer, especially for someone as young as he is. Crazy layered and busy hip-hop-meets-idm. He made me open my DAW after months of frustrated lulls.


Recently stumbled across them on bandcamp:

Also NSFW this oddity NSWF.


Heard this on Unearthed the other day, and it’s a bloody good song. Expect to be hearing it everywhere relatively soon.


And another - Courtney Barnett has released a song about internet trolls, and it’s fire.



/15 surprising characters


I don’t know exactly what I like about it, but I keep listening to this song over and over.


Rediscovered my favorite Drifters song. It’s got that Gaslight/Springsteen type of Romance with lines like “I know you feel like you wanna die/but try pretending I’m your guy”



This entire Jet Set Radio inspired album is my jam.


That guy is fantastic.


Listened to this album twice today:



First new Ladytron song in a long time.


New Titus Andronicus is great and has a great silly Dylan cover.




I first heard this song in the year 2000 in Israel. It was playing EVERYWHERE. So was Zombie Nation.

Then I heard Sandstorm a bit during freshman year at RIT, but it was a song that only cool people knew about. At least at the time. Now the song is an ancient classic.