Miscellaneous Music Thread (Include a Description with your Embedded YouTube)


And then Zombie Nation ended up alongside All Star in the musical montage when the sports teams scores.


So I watched the Sandstorm video and apparently the same producer had something to do with Freestyler by the Bomfunk MCs. That was also a huge song at the same time, but I never heard it in the US. I think it only spread in other countries and the Internet.


Freestyler was the biggest track for a while on adverts, sporting events, promotions, etc. It was the Blur - Song 2 of the time.

Currently playing on my laptop:


Warning: Euro Pop rabbit hole activated



Oh, that’s where we’re going, is it?


I see, I totally see where this is going.

*does not see*

Here’s Jamiroquai


I thought about dropping some cotton eye joe, but I thought to go with a deeper cut instead.



This song was well played in Australia.