Miscellaneous Music Thread (Include a Description with your Embedded YouTube)


Looking for demos of a Modular Synth Module I want let me to this, for a random session this is so good.


Pertubator comes out with a solid Cyberpunk music video for a great synthwavian track:

It’s not Bladerunner but it’ll do.


New Sleigh Bells Album dropped today.


It’s always listening…


It takes a sample every minute and compares it with an offline database. Privacy concerns not really an issue.


How do you confirm that’s what it does in all cases?


How do you confirm any phone isn’t constantly sending audio to Google?


People asked Google.


Like Led Zeppelin but without the plagiarism, Greta Van Fleet just released a double EP that is killer.


Ahh cool… didn’t know we had a music discussion thread aside from the K-pop one. I’m into all sorts of music; as long as the song’s good, catchy, or is remotely memorable ~ I’ll dig it.

Here’s something I thought was pretty neat from a French indy artist, making a brief tune out of stuff in her room:



Fever the ghost, Source:

Some nice, kind of trippy prog-rock. The animation is by Felix Colgrave, if you are interested in the animation, I’d recommend you have a look at Double King:

If you liked the music, try Calico as well:


Oh mans, Lorn is so good, so moody. I love Sega Sunset, it feels so heavy and relentless.


Sega Sunset is awesome. This another favorite of mine.


Breakmaster Cylinder rescores the Kendrick Lamar music video “Humble.”


Fantano put out an underrated albums list which put me onto some new material.

I can’t properly explain what this is, so from the artist’s about page:

“Her solo project LINGUA IGNOTA explores violence and gender in extreme music through a morally ambiguous, emotionally/physically intense performance practice that has been described as “crushing.””


An annual Desert Bus tradition is LoadingReadyRun member Paul leading a group in singing the Stan Rogers song “Barrett’s Privateers”. Through this I have also become a fan of Stand Rogers. During this year’s Desert Bus Paul sung one of my favorite Rogers’ songs, The Mary Ellen Carter.




One of the best Tiny Desk Concerts.