"Metal" is the best thread title here



Found this via a meme page but I don’t care. The logo is awesome, the sound fills my heart with a perfect blend of sludgy grooves and deathy aggression, and I want more:



When someone who long ago jumped off the deep somehow manages to jump off an even deeper end.


More music videos should have Tree-of-Life style cosmic montages.


TIL Dream Theater came out with new music a couple weeks ago.


Yeah, it doesn’t suck out loud quite as badly as previous efforts.

Seriously Mike Portnoy might’ve been a controlling asshole, but apparently the rest of the band actually needed him to do anything worth a damn.

I find myself sticking to Heavy Devy and his lower-middle-tier prog metal.


Only song that stuck with me in the new Dream Theater is S2N, and that’s because mangini goes absolutely nuts on it.



https://youtu.be/g7NNXSjlPow I only discovered the band Russian Circles last year but have been enjoying their shit ever since. Only problem is I sometimes head-bang uncontrollably while trying to read.


While looking up the band in your video I found this one


Ha! Just realized that I posted a link to an entirely different band. My bad. I do actually like Mono more than Russian Circles but Mono isn’t exactly metal. MONO INC looks pretty epic.