"Metal" is the best thread title here


Read while listening to this.


This is almost a thing of the day, but I’ll dump this here:


I don’t have the emotional fortitude to listen to metal as I get older. EVEN SO, this might be the most entertaining thread in the whole forum. Even when virtuoso thrashy scream pummeling doesn’t do it for me, I’ll always love the silly madness that swirls around feelings of complete fury, anxiety, fear, and disdain.


Behemoth’s new stuff isn’t blowing my mind exactly, yet it’s still got its fangs in:



Oh yeah, BabyMetal are playing a festival out my way later in the year. I should try and worm my way into working that gig.


Do it if you can. They’re fantastic live.

In other metallic news, there’s a new (to me) band named Bad Wolves.

vocalist Tommy Vext (ex-Divine Heresy, ex-Snot, ex-Westfield Massacre), drummer John Boecklin (ex-DevilDriver), lead guitarist Doc Coyle (ex-God Forbid), rhythm guitarist Chris Cain (ex-Bury Your Dead, ex-For the Fallen Dreams) and bassist Kyle Konkiel (ex-In This Moment, ex-Scar the Martyr, Vimic).[5] and is managed by Zoltan Bathory of Five Finger Death Punch.

Of those people and bands, I’ve heard of DevilDriver and 5FDP. Anyway, I like this:


Ahh, Zoroastrian Death Music.

Dakhma from Switzerland just dropped their full length delivering a 70 minute experience through some vile and trecherous aural terrain.

It definitely can step back and deliver some drawn out soundscapes, echoing incantation and ancient instruments that force me to feel like I’m spying on dark rituals in ancient Persia; but these moments are readily devestated with prime riffs and shreds, and heavy, grueling vocals.

This is exactly how I like my Metal.


Chelsea Wolfe never disappoints. She plays guitar well and I enjoy her song writing. Also, I’m a sucker for the disintegrated guitar tones featured in most of her music.


New Gevurah is here and oh my is it some despair-laden void-filled despondence. A decadent cacophony of woe.

It’s reminding me of Altar of Plagues, like White Tomb era.


This song is obviously a tribute to Mikio, their guitarist who died falling from a cliff while enjoying his hobby of astronomy.

Also, they officially confirmed that Yuimetal is 100% out. That’s sad, but at least now that there is an official and final answer, people will shut up and stop asking what happened to her.


The Babymetal subreddit is really thirsty.


It’s reddit. Reddit is basically 1000% thirsty, 1000% of the time.


You’re right, but you know what isn’t? Roverthegardenwall. For a hundred minute show that came out 4 years ago, there’s always people posting. Drawings, paintings, songs, tattoos, pumpkins, all kinds of great stuff. Not so much “WHEN IS SEASON 2 I NEED MORE ROCK FACTS”.


It’s because Babymetal releases hardly any content or info. Especially compared to Kpop idols that are streaming and posting updates constantly.


This is the good shit



I remember thinking it was a cool idea when it came out years back. But I don’t play so I havn’t really payed attention. Seems like programs/games like Rocksmith are going to be the foundation for many in the next generation of metal stars, and I think we’re going to be alright.


A podcast where Malcolm Gladwell interviews Dave Hill about metal. It’s actually really funny.

Dave tells a story about a series of emails he exchanged with a band called Mysticum, posing as a 19 year old from Gary, Indiana, the founder and sole member of a black metal band named Witch Taint. The whole thing is online here, and the website is everything you would imagine it to be.

Dark regards,

So I know how I’m closing my emails from now on.


search bar came up empty for a lot of my favorite bands. Any Lordi fans? Nightwish? Powerwolf?