"Metal" is the best thread title here


I often agrue between Halford and Freddy Mercury for best vocals, too hard to pick.


Freddie is better, but he wasn’t in a metal band.


Maynard from Tool or Becca from Marmozets would give Halford a fair run for his money.

Edit; Actually Chino from Deaftones as well. Then again are we only talking classic rock?


Not a metal expert but I feel to even qualify as singer of metal, a skill you must have and do well is the guttural wail / death growl.


Yes. I said there was a valid argument to be made, not that it was a sure thing.

No, there are plenty of other metal vocal styles. Also, you think Halford or any other vocalist couldn’t do it if they wanted to?


Plus he’s a fan of the Fox God.


Not really mandatory, although some degree of roar is more-or-less universal.

I do see an increasing number of “crossover” vocalists who do solid “clean” vocals and extreme vocals.


Ah thats good I think I must have miss read a bit there.


I know nothing about metal at all, really. I don’t keep up with news in the metal world. I don’t know any metal bands, really.

This song has been in my head all day.

I love it


“I don’t know any metal bands at all.”


Start with the blacklist on /r/metal. Those will be the most popular, well-known, and well-liked heavy metal bands from the last 20 or 30 years. If you liked Dethklok, the odds are you will like some of these bands.

Shreddit is basically the best sub on planet earth if you want to get into metal.


There’s also some forum with a bunch of people nerding out about it. The metal thread goes back like a decade. Starts out something like “I don’t know (m)any metal bands…”


Forums? What the fuck is this, 1995?


Can it please be 1995? Please?


13 year old Scott playing M:tG again? PAX doesn’t exist yet? No moneys?



To be fair, when we were 13, Magic was hype as shit.

Being adults, we now understand the stupid waste of money that it was.

And we definitely never waste money on stupid things anymore, nope.

RE: “can it be 1995 again” Well, I’ve been playing retro games down in the basement, so I’m pretty primed for a nostalgia trip.


In keeping on topic. We won’t have any of the metal created since '95.



Well then, I guess I’ll be listening to Slaughter of the Soul on infinite loop.

This is literally no different than any other day.


Well Transilvanian Hunger will still exist so we’re good.


Fox Day!