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Side thought, he was the original bearer of one stone in this movie. He killed Loki for the space? one. Then the collector for reality. Then Gamora for soul. Then he doesn’t immediately kill Strange, but Strange is dead at the end for time. Finally Vision for mind.

And all those players are off the board, but they could totally take part in an inner monologue with Thanos in the next movie specifically because they’re dead.


Tetsuo isn’t a Zealot with a goal that he’s endlessly pursuing, Tetsuo has no real goal and no real willpower at the beginning. he’s just a dumb kid.

Thanos is insane and driven, there is a reason he’s called the mad Titan. In the Comics his goals are emotional and irrational.

The comics do deal with the fact that not everyone can handle the full power of the combined Gems.


And now for something completely different.


My take on the “why didn’t we explore the philosophy of genocide” reactions is that this sentiment is exactly the same as describing white mass shooters as “quiet young men.” I’d posit that Thanos definitely thinks he’s pursuing some kind of well-reasoned, ultimate utilitarianism, but that all of his actions can be explained as a reaction to societal trauma (overpopulation may have ruined his homeworld, or at least he thinks it did, therefore some kind of Malthusian trap is a universal constant that he assumes exists across the galaxy).

Basically what I’m saying is that Thanos is Israel.


Definitely better than the comics, where his entire philosophy can be summed up with “I would do anything for creepy, one-sided love, including approximately half of that.”


Charlotte had a good take after we saw the movie:


The “Thanos was right” crowd is the same kind of worship as “Tyler Durden was right.” Think part of that is people want to jump on that bandwagon from what Killmonger did for Black Panther, but Thanos wants actual genocide rather than revolution.

And Churba is right. Creepy/one-sided love of Death, who has not even been established in the universe, would be tiring towards the audience like crazy while he just wipes everyone out. Atleast in Infinity War, characters would get one shot at him before he stomped on them.


Thanos Rising did an interesting take on the Thanos’ backstory. Death appeared as a relatively normal looking woman that only Thanos could see or hear. The idea of a “Lady MacBeth” character that may or may not be a figment of Thanos’ imagination might have been interesting.


In my opinion, Avengers 4 (due out in a year) will pretty clearly show how messed up the universe is after what Thanos did, debunking this whole idea.

Of course, idiots will still think the idea is tenable.


I call that the “Pickle Rick effect”


Master Asia was right all along.




RJ has a bunch of Thor and Loki comics on her twitter, but this one is my favorite.



I agree with everything in that Reddit post.


I don’t. As I said before, the thing that doesn’t make sense is that someone with the Infinity Gauntlet becomes omnipotent and omniscient. Even if someone was stupid and refused to believe in climate change, as soon as they obtained the gauntlet, they would change their mind. If they didn’t change their mind, that would actually be absolute proof that they are right and we are actually wrong. God can’t be wrong.

Also, some issue as small as resource scarcity, or the climate of one tiny planet, would not even register to the god of all universes and all time. Even if that was their primary concern before achieving godhood, it would no longer even register the moment they equip even just one of the gems, let alone all of them.

I agree with everything in the Reddit post if it were any other supervillain in any other story. It’s perfect for any Lex Luthors, Dr. Dooms, etc. It just doesn’t make sense for someone who is literally all-powerful to give a rats ass about being a villain in the first place.


Your argument is based around the idea that Infinity Gauntlet gives one omnipotence and omniscience. That was not established in the movie. Probably not in the comics ether, but my memory is more hazy with that one.


They gain Omnipotents and Omniscient, but they still hold limited abilities to use/compile/analyze the information they have gained. Clearly Omnipotent, gives you the ability to do anything but not the imagination to do it. (so that shouldn’t change anything) Omniscient, has two definitions, "Having infinite awareness, understand and insight but that’s usually used in a way to refer to a narrator in a book, while the other definition, Possesses Universal or Complete Knowledge, Seems more inline with the gems powers, The ability to fully Utilize complete knowledge might be limited by other factors. Maybe you will know everything but you don’t think to ask the right question. Frequently, in the comics when Thanos gets supreme power, he handicaps himself to “Make it interesting” but if he was all knowing shouldn’t he know that would cause him to fail, or is it that he doesn’t ask that question.


I think the MCU hasn’t established that it’s gauntlet does all the things the comic gauntlet does. It may have hinted at it, and I’m still wait and see regarding that.