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So anyone here excited about going to watch Grandpa Wolverine the movie?


Grandpa Wolverine the comic is extremely overrated.


I read Old Man Logan ages ago, and you’re right, it wasn’t very good at all, but from what I remember, the movie doesn’t seem to follow the comic’s storyline at all, other than the fact that the main character is an older Logan and the movie takes place in the future.


I have mostly stopped caring about non-MCU superhero movies. The DC movies are garbage, and X-Men is pretty mediocre with only a few standouts. Deadpool remains the main thing that will get me to a theater, and that’s for a totally different reason and tone.


A New Warriors TV show has been ordered and it will star Squirrel Girl:


As much as I want a Squirrel Girl show, I really really don’t want it on Freeform. :frowning:


There is one program on Freeform which I enjoy immensely and that is Stitchers. It is a goofy Science Fiction procedural about exploring dead peoples memories and it has got in its cast Salli Richardson (Alison Blake from Eureka and Elisa Maza from Gargoyles*) and Allison Scagliotti (Claudia from Warehouse 13) so there is nothing not to like there. They have revealed the trailer for the first freeform Marvel Cinematic Universe show Cloak & Dagger:

I think it looks quite good very similar to how the Power Rangers movie is presented mostly teenage drama with super powers instead of superpowers with teen drama.

*Off Topic - I so want a live action tv series of Gargoyles done like one of those werewolves/vampire shows.


Went and watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 today. Fantastic sequel and for my money by far the funniest Marvel movie. Most of it stems from funny character interactions and the odd pop-culture reference thrown in in a very funny way but there are also a lot of sight-gags and other nice things. The villain was also fine. I kind of knew what was up due to my pre-existing familiarity when he revealed his name, but I didn’t quite expect a reveal later on. The plot and its importance in the MCU wasn’t all that earthshattering, but it was still good and upped a lot of personal stakes and tied very well into the theme of the film itself. Overall this movie is a blast.

Only things I thought were bad was a small exposition dump early on which felt really out of place and the fact that Drax talks about his family and we have never actually seen them and it makes Drax kind of unrelate-able. I mean it is “understandable” the way he feels based on the character he is but it fails to connect on an emotional level.

Also I didn’t really catch the name of Sylvester Stallone’s character so I thought that he and the people revealed at the very end of the movie might be the Starjammers, but actually he is Starhawk and Ving Rhames is Charlie-27. They are basically the “OG” Guardians of the Galaxy from the Earth-691 timeline incorporated into the MCU the same way that Yondu is.

Finally, there are a total of five post-credits scenes to the movie so stay for them when you go watch. I usually stay for them as well but my group really wanted to leave because some had a thing come up soon and I only found out what they were at home.


I love the cameo of David Hasselhoff in the end credits I didn’t expect a cameo like that in a marvel movie.


Come on, how about not giving away the important character moment cameos for no reason.


Yea I managed to not get spoiled on Guardians up until I read this thread :-p


This. Between this thread and a random internet article that did not say it was going to spoil anything, I have had two cameos ruined. Given that the film isn’t out in the US and other territories yet, I would say this is a “dick move.”


Black Panther Teaser Trailer looks really good.


Gollum and Bilbo reunited once again! :3


Wow this looks legit amazing, hopefully everything cool wasn’t spoiled in the trailer.
Also will look into the sound track…



You got me really excited that this was the trailer seen behind closed doors at D23 today. But that’s just an old retrospective.



I had fun with Deadpool. They are currently filming the sequel and you guys probably heard that a stunt-woman lost her life during the shoot. Apparently the situation is a whole lot worse than reported.