MAGFest 2018


So about 2 hours or so ago, I got an email from MAGFest letting me know that there was discount parking because I was an “early bird registrant.” However, when I went to the reserved parking page, it looks like parking for Friday and Saturday are already sold out. WTF?

Even though the email said that parking isn’t through Parking Panda anymore, I went to their site and was able to get parking through them from Friday through Sunday right by the Gaylord.

If anyone else is having trouble finding parking for MAGFest, I recommend using Parking Panda.

I just can’t believe that MAGFest parking is already sold out within 2 hours of the email though…


Umm…Were you here for the hotel debacle where it sold out immediately? Or the badges? 2 hours is an eternity.


Only way to really do it if you even managed to get a hotel is travel in plane/train/bus and catch a Lyft/Uber/whatever to your hotel.


Is that parking that sold out the only parking there? It sounded like it was just the reserved spots and that there are other spots that are not reserved which can be taken on arrival.


No, there’s more parking, but this is the official “MAGFest affiliated” parking. I was able to reserve a spot for Friday through Sunday through Parking Panda, which has a lot right next to the Gaylord. It would have been nice if on the parking website they mentioned that parking through Parking Panda was still an option, especially after Friday and Saturday parking has already sold out.


Parking comes with my hotel, that’s sorta my plan.


The panel emails have been sent, the Kracken has been released.


Just got mine and the hype is unreasonable. All those who frequent the pro wrestling topic better keep on the lookout. There are dark plans in the mix for this year.


Super happy with the new room & parking solution I found this year. Previous solution is so passe (;


Yuyuke and I are likely to, between us, have a full box of the new joke Magic set unstable. Anyone down for draft?


How long will it take? I’m down if it’s OK that I only know the rules as of 1995.


You’d be able to figure shit out pretty quick; most of the new keywords have reminder text, and I can explain the stack to you by just mentioning “When you cast a spell, it goes into a stack like the data structure”.

I’d probably try to keep it small, doing four man pods rather than full 8 man pods with Event level bullshit, so maybe a couple hours, depending on how long people take to choose their cards and make their decks.

If you want, there’s spoilers of the entire set online:


How many people do you expect to participate in this?


A box will support 8 people drafting, so… 8 or fewer.


So I am struck by the problem of what boardgames to bring:

Things I know are coming: Hive, Hanabi, Deep Sea Adventure, Zendo, probably a few other small ones(all small and fit easily in my backpack)

The question is what large games come? Is Magfest a good place to play my first Inheritance game?

Should a few German board games make the journey?

Since I’m driving space isn’t really much of an issue. Hypothetically I could bring my whole collection (not happening, too much garbage in there (Gotta sell a few))


There is a dedicated TTRPG room so you could email to get a time of when one of those tables are free up.

Also remember, both magfest and I collect garbage board games. I take ones that are convention worthy while magfest will take anything.


It’s comming…



The thumbnail image of that video makes me never want to visit that event ever. What the fuck is wrong with people.