MAGFest 2018


The goal I believe is to make more mag events happen. West was a success for it’s first year and labs has been a diamond in the rough slowly getting the pre Gaylord crowd to come there and treat it as a family reunion.

If other groups step up more events can and will happen. I know Brazil has been talked about as well as Japan.


Get Brazil going while I still have a valid visa! :wink:


So I can’t speak to 150k+ numbers but I can say that DEFCON 2017 had 25k+ attendees whereas MAG barely broke 20k so if vegas just existed where the gaylord currently does it’d have gone a long way towards aleaviating the issue if 25% more walking distance rooms just appeared.

But it goes even deeper. I quickly looked into it. Know what the biggest con full stop is? You’re wrong! Because nobody does because that’s really fucking hard to measure, however any list’s top 10 would include CES

Looks like in 2017 there were 184,279 total attendees. Where o where did they host this con that’s about 3x the size of PAX East? Oh, Vegas. (Fun fact: turns out it’s been about a week off magfest every year.)


You know who needs a MAGFest? India. Second most populous country on earth. Plenty of Internet. I know they have a comic-con, but I’ve never heard of them having a major gaming con.

Apparently they have IGX, but it looks like an E3 situation.


That’s a COMPLETELY different kind of convention.

CES is an even worse example. They are fundamentally different kinds of events. There is no real or useful comparison.


Yeah, I know it’s not 24 hours, but do you doubt it could be if they just… allowed that? Ya think Caesars palace couldn’t handle it?


That’s not it. You underestimate how fundamentally different the event’s core structure, financing, attendee personas, etc… are. Comparing CES to a gaming or anime con is like comparing a football game to one.


CES is pretty far off, I grant. But DEFCON isn’t that far off. Other than the fact that it’s not 24 hours they feel pretty similar. Tonnes of foot traffic, people entering and exiting all the time. Heavy emphasis on panels. I won’t pretend to know more than I do about con backends (which is basically 0, I attend not run) but from an attendee perspective it feels like with some light nudging DEFCON could be moulded to look more MAG-y


Try again. DEFCON has heavy panel/workshop attendance on schedules, and the rest of the attendance scatters to bars/parties when they’re not attending events. It’s also attended primarily by people with money and industry connections and highly specialized interest. It’s more like the finance conferences I go to than a gaming con.

Gaming cons don’t emphasize panels. They’re barely an afterthought in terms of draw at an actual con, even at PAX.


I guess you don’t realize all the space DEFCon has for non going to bars to get drunk while attending. Here’s a small writeup from the FAQ

Some people play capture the flag 24x7, while many people never touch a computer at DEF CON. Some people see every speech they can, while others miss all speeches. Other activities include contests, movie marathons, scavenger hunts, sleep deprivation, lock picking, warez trading, drunken parties, spot the fed contest, the official music events.

While they don’t have a tabletop area they do have a generic hackerspace where a friend of mine spends the majority of his time at the con (when not attending zoz’s panels). Whether you want to acknowledge it or not there’s a lot to do there independent of panels, and many attendees take advantage of that.

I’m not sure how that impacts it “draw wise” but I do think it’s safe to say it’s nothing like finance con where people get the con part out of the way so they can go drink.


MAFFest has concerts running basically all day for three days straight. Bigger cons (Otakon, for instance) can barely get one concert done well on a single day. MAGFest gets all its concerts done flawlessly (Nearly no lines, easy to get to front row on most concerts with at most an hour of time investment as compared to Otakon’s required 5-7 hour time investment).

Logistically it is hard to do.


The Convention I help run Zenkaikon, is definitely constrained by the number of closeby Hotels. One of the reasons we haven’t hit our cap yet is the difficulty of hotels in the Lancaster area.


Sounds just like Trade Tech Paris. :wink:


Your music lineup


My body is ready. It seems pretty well spread out. My feet may actually be able to last so I can go to the DJ battle. Also might stay up for the Chiprave to see Toriena.


For those who wanted hype



I usually make my own for the drive down, but I’ll see if I just wanna use this.


@axel you may be interested in this is you are coming in early.


A small reminder, my collection of games is not coming to the MAGFest general library this year, so if there is anything specific you want to play and I have it let me know ahead of time. Also MAGFest has their entire collection online here.

As you can see this is going to be a VERY dry year for board games so bring out the good ones please.


The F-Zero Arcade machine is going to be at MAGFest. If you have a GameCube memory card for F-Zero GX, bring it to unlock the arcade biz.