MAGFest 2018


For those who are either local or staying an extra day BONUS MAGFEST.


Its that time again, I will run down some events that you may be interested in going to on the panel front.


3:30 Panel 3 Game the Gamer is a simple concept, don’t lose 3 games and get $50. But you can spend the money to give yourself an advantage over the competition, some are simple things like giving a broken controller to a competitor, other times its being forced to use an eyepatch

3:30 Panel 2 Grow your own indie game community has some of the best people I know of in the Philly area taking real time about building a community and dealing with game jam drama

5:30 Panel 3 Gamers in Anime is the panel that unites us all and Viga is doing it!

9:00 Panels 1 D20 live is a canadian live RPG group that does cons up north, this might be their first American performance and the lineup looks like a solid time will be had

12:00 AM Panels 2 Full Motion Videoke is Karoke on Movie and Video game sequences, if that is your jam then it is a must see

12:30 AM Panels 4 Masks, Mayhem, and Fighting Spirit aka WK12 preshow


10:00 AM Panel 1 How do I get into ESports is being run from people who work on the college sports realm and will tell you how to get a paid job in eSports. This has been a panel we have been searching for years and finally have a group that has the credentials to do it.

1:30 PM Panels 2 From Single Player to MMO takes the ENTIRE audio team from Elder Scrolls to answer all your questions

4:30 PM Panels 2 XBLIG Preservation this guy is the real deal when it comes to Linux programming and talks about backing up the old XBOX arcade games to play in the future

6:00 PM Panels 2 Indie Game Real Talk 3 if you know who Ryan Morison is or VGAttorney then this is for you

2:00 AM Panels 2 CWF: MAGnitiude is a promo battle with the audience, expect tomfollery


9:00 AM Panels 2 An Introduction to Legally Streaming with Music bring some top lawyers answering questions I always had with music and online entertainment

3:30 PM Panels 2 Wits and Wagers Live is a game of Wits and Wagers with North Star Games, like for real

9:30 PM Panels 2 One Man Star Wars is a guy recreating Empire Strikes Back using nothing but his memory


10:00 AM Panels 3 Pixels to Plate is going to answer the question on how to do a food panel without cooking anything in the panel room

Once I have some additional time I will add some “other room events” later on but enjoy that for now.



Danimal Cannon HYPE \m/



Ok here is part two of the previous post of things you should do at MAG that are not in a panel room, but first a quick reminder. I am not bringing all my games to MAG this year, meaning I am packing lite. So if you want to play a specific game that I own look at the list here and let me know.

So there are music concerts, 3 escape rooms, an AFK room (yes like PAX but not 24/7), and battle pods, you should do those.

MAGLaughs is on the Soapbox Saturday at 8:30 this is my attempt to do a small stand up comedian showcase in a place that doesn’t really understand how to make it work. Stop by and laugh and if numbers are good, I may be able to enable phase 2.

Tabletop Discussions: aka the room I manage to take from the tabletop area so that I can approve all the panels that are tabletop related.

2:30 on Friday is Games and Grub 101 in which a popular board game cafe in the MD area comes to tell you how to make your own board gaming cafe. The entire staff comes here from management, teachers, baristas, and owners they tell you a non BS version of any question.

11:30 PM on Friday is Crossfire: The Game: The Commercial: The Movie: The Panel. If you ever wanted to recreate the commercial with a DJ mixing the crossfire theme and filmed on a green screen this is for you.

12:00 PM Saturday and 4:00 PM is Wargaming 101 and 201, @Rym and @Apreche if there is a panel with the words “I should talk to these people” this is it. Legit Serious game designers for the Government tell you how to play and design serious game and what “winning” means.

7:30 PM Saturday How to teach a board game is from the Board game cafe people and I am going to make sure I suck much less at this skill

The last bit to point out is the Makerspace in which we have people to teach you to make things, both physical and digital as well as MAGES. Look at the schedule and go to the ones that interest you. No guests are there which means can say they are going to be decent. If you are on the fence on an event let me know and I will tell you if it is worth your time.


EMERGENCY I have a Saturday panel slot open, anyone want it?


Scrap the emergency, but for those coming on Wednesday here is the concert likeup @Axel{“ref”%3A"29"%2C"ref_notif_type"%3A"admin_plan_mall_activity"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"}&notif_t=admin_plan_mall_activity&notif_id=1514763766278707&ref=m_notif

Also don’t forget tabletop area has a soft open and games will be playing there like crazy



Weather’s gonna suck Thursday. Plan your travel accordingly.


Thankfully I’m driving down today. Jeez.


It’s here!  



A grand time was had by all, and chances are if I was near you, you could spot me pretty easily!


I took selfies with all the furries I could find but I don’t think I saw you around! I was only on the lookout from 6 pm afterwards, especially saturday.



I forgot just how much I missed MagFest until I got there.

(also rym you goddamn nerd for avoiding me all weekend)


Heh, I kinda accidentally ended up avoiding the hosts all weekend. I was falling asleep in their first panel (tired from the drive and lack of sleep the prior night) and then had other things to do during the following three. Made sure to catch the last one as I knew that one was new, was worth but the problem with magfest remains there is too much cool stuff to do and only one me to do all of them.


I barely managed to meet up with most of the people I’ve known for years let alone meet new people. I probably would’ve had more incentive to seek out Rym and Scott if there had been a Rampart cabinet this year.


I mainly hung out with the group I roomed with last year and didn’t see a lot of folk. Everyone is busy, and I never have anyone who wants to just concert it up with me.