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Mom’s here. Everyone say hi to @jtvh.

Hi JTVH! Hope you’re going well.

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Hi @jivh. We’re delighted to have you here.

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Hello friends! I’m Lizi’s mom. A bunch of you all know me already from connecticon and Anime Boston and stuff.


Hello! I’m Brad, and back in 2008 I was a 14-year-old Dwarf Fortress fan who was linked here by the developer who made a guest appearance on the podcast and I have been listening ever since! My age meant I belonged to the oft-mentioned demographic of “the kids these days” so it was entertaining and interesting to hear perspectives from across the generational divide. Soon I’ll be twice as old as when I started listening, which is a bit horrifying!

Being into Dwarf Fortress at 14 probably outs me as a bit of a geek, I’m primarily a big fan of PC games and their design but I am well into anime and more recently, binging lots of classic manga. Before Geeknights I’d seen Initial D and loved it, and watched the standard fare cruddy morning-TV anime but I never seeked out anything more. Geeknights encouraged me to check out Tank Police,Trigun, Escaflowne, Gurren Lagann, GitS and Bebop and I was solidly hooked forever more. Without Geeknights’ advice in my formative years, today I would probably be watching Sword Art Online or something, so I am thankful for the gift of good-taste.

I love a good shitpost, so I only lurked here very occasionally on my old forum account and hung out elsewhere online. In the physical world, I’m from the same overrepresented aussie city as some many other users here, but I only said ‘Hi’ at PAX Aus tabletop one year and haven’t met anyone beyond that. I’ll probably continue mostly lurking, but I might pop into games, anime and podcast episode discussions occasionally.


Feels weird to post in this thread but, just thought I’d say that after the longest hiatus I’ve had from here in 10 years, I’m back.


Hi all! I’m Nicko, in my 20’s working as a software developer in the Financial Industry in New York. Born in Arizona and currently here because of family/covid19. Spent most of my life in Arizona and just moved last year.

My big nerd hobby is Super Smash Bros Melee. I was top 10 in Arizona for part of last year and play the game a ton in my free time. Besides Melee, I play all sorts of video games, watch a bit of anime, and have just recently been getting more into board gaming.

As for non nerd hobbies, I’m an avid runner and I love to snowboard when I get the chance and when the conditions are good.

Been listening to the podcast since I believe 6th grade when a friend at the time told me about it. I think he heard about it from Fast Karate. This friend was that type of friend who was versed in all the nerd disciplines and served as my introduction into many of my interests today.

Decided to post in an effort to be less of an internet lurker and to try and be more active in communities with interests I care about.

Nice to meet you all!


'sup Nicko. Maybe you can teach me some Smash skills.

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I was a die hard melee fan for a long time.

I’ve since softened up though and started playing the later ones. Do ya play the one on the switch?

I own it but only really play it during friend gatherings and the like. Whenever I play Ultimate it just makes me want to play more Melee haha :grin:

We’ll get you wobbling in no time

Hello all! Long time lurker who finally replied to a post so I figured I should introduce myself. I’m Rob, late 30’s Attorney in Illinois. Married with one dog and one kid.

GeekNights listener since 2009 after seeing the Beyond Dungeons and Dragons panel at PAX Prime and playing in the Action Castle Game. I enjoy video games, board games, tabletop RPGs, Sci-Fi and Fantasy books/movies, among other nerdy things. I also like Fountain Pens and writing letters/journaling with them. Recently started Couch to 5K since I’m not able to get to the Gym due to our Stay at Home order. I generally hate running but am doing this out of spite, determined not to let this time get the better of my physical and mental health. The exercise is helpful on both counts, although I am becoming very well acquainted with my block running in circles.

Nice to officially meet you all!


Welcome Rob. I see you hate running, as do I. Might I recommend a bicycle? You’ll see a lot more than one block of your neighborhood.


what’s your weapon of choice? I try other ones, but I keep slipping back into the Pilot Metropolitan because it’s just such a nice feeling pen, despite being so inexpensive.

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Once the bike shops reopen around here (who knows when that will be) I’ll look at it as an option. Right now I’ve unfortunately just got my own two legs.

My TWSBI Eco with a Fine Nib is my daily driver for my Some Lines a Day Journal and probably the one I come back to most often. Writes amazingly well all the time and I love seeing the ink in the clear barrel. Went a bit crazy at the start and have a Pilot Metropolitan, a couple LAMY Safari’s, a couple Jinhao’s and a Monteverde Essenza Extra Fine with the Storm Clouds pattern that I love (saved up for that one over a while though).

Oddly I don’t really like my Pilot Metropolitan, but that was one pen I did get from Amazon right at the start so I often wonder if it might be a fake. It tends to dry up and hard start all the time, no matter what ink I’m using. Been a big fan of Goulet Pens after that first Amazon purchase due to their great customer service and selection.

I too hated running. I did it at RIT because my bike wasn’t available, but I hated every minute of it.

Then I just sort of became one of those runners. It’s my primary exercise, and I love every second of it :wink:

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We’ll see if I make that change like you did, but my angry knees this morning say that’s unlikely. :smile: Still planning to stick with it though as long as I can/have to.

Knees can be the run-killer.

All I can really say is that you should google the exact specific knee pain you have, and you’ll find mostly good advice. If you have a good doctor/health plan, ask about a physical therapy referral at your next checkup. Even minor running pain is usually good enough for a referral, and they can give extremely specific advice on how to stretch, move differently, etc…

Luckily one of my best friends is a Physical Therapist so I’ll be chatting with him tonight to try and figure it out. Worst case scenario I can get a referral through my health plan, although I’d want to wait on that for a bit for obvious reasons. Hopefully a phone call with my buddy can provide some good advice to keep me moving.