Household Stuffs


So much crap I don’t need…


We are actually making progress on removing things from the house. It’s slow, but it’s progress!


I want to get rid of so much crap, but it is too hard without a car.


On that note, are you still looking to get rid of your old htpc? I’m looking to replace mine (which is just a laptop). You selling?


I was able to foist that off. There is a possibility that I will soon be looking to get rid of my desktop. It’s actually quite powerful, it’s just way crashy. I haven’t been able to solve the problem. First I tried a new motherboard. then I tried removing an SSD that was flaky. Each change helped for a short time, but it’s back to its crashing ways. Even the front panel is on the fritz. It keeps detecting headphones being connected and disconnected even though nothing is touching it.


I had a similar issue with my computer, and apparently one of the rails in my PSU was shorting (not the whole PSU, or I’d be able to detect it with one of those 24-pin testers). I ended up replacing the PSU and everything worked like a charm.


Ok then. First I will try swapping the GPU, since that costs me $0. If that doesn’t work, I will buy a new PSU. I’ll get the same one I would be buying if I were to get a new PC. If that fixes my problems, great. If not, then I can just buy the rest of the PC.

I always buy really good PSUs, though. so I would be surprised if that were the case. I think I have an Antech Earthwatts in there. Probably replace it with a Seasonic.


Quality parts sometimes break, doesn’t mean they aren’t quality, just random chance.


What are you looking to get rid of? We will likely come out your way in Spring and have way more space than we need. You could also have us bring things to get togethers that you want back for a time.

Edit: Also, you mentioned something about a computer you wanted to give us for home entertainment since we are just using our PS4 right now. Is that still available?


Most of what I want to get rid of are comics, mostly manga, trade paperbacks. Some of the floppy kind also. I even tried researching donating them to prison, and i don’t think much of what I have will be accepted.

I have some crap in the closet to clean out, but I have to look through it first. I don’t even remember what the hell is in there.

My old clothes I can donate easily enough.

I have some other random junk that is kinda hard to get rid of. For example, I put my computer monitors on extendo-arms. This means I have two monitor stands with no monitors on them. it feels pretty bad to just throw them out, but I’m not using them at all. But unless someone has a compatible monitor, they are useless.


You want a nice queen sized bed frame?

We probably have an extra good-quality PC that runs quiet.

Want a kitchen table?


Yes. We need to get rid of that table.


Which kitchen table? The one from Beacon, your foldy-table, or another table? Pics?

The Queen bed frame, does is have a headboard and footboard or is it just a frame? Pics?

If you have an extra PC, we would gladly take off off your hands.

@Apreche There may be other places to donate those comics.


Donate the comics to a library or to a school. That’s what I do with the stuff I don’t want. Even if they don’t want it, they can sell it to raise money.


It’s not so easy to find one that will take it.


If you don’t care what happens to them give them to teachers to cut up for crafting and art lessons. That’s assuming they are safe for kids.


That’s what I did with my old GamePro magazines, but these probably have some value as reading material.


There are a bunch of Little Free Libraries near me. That’s how I’ve been donating old paperbacks and CD’s.


Most Barnes and Noble stores have a Community Relations Manager, and if they are good, they have a big network of schools and community programs that they work with regularly. It may be worth asking your local B&N community relations manager to find out if they know of a place that would take the books, just because they should have a wide net already cast.


My biggest issue was my wisdom teeth. They came in straight, but they all had like… gum flaps on them. Eventually that little pocket led to cavities in a couple of them so I had all of them pulled. The only problem there is there’s still a bit of an area I can feel when I drink particularly fizzy things.