Household Stuffs


I know, right? Jesus. Like, I’m pretty ambivalent as long as you brush your damned teeth, but that thing looks like a fucking nightmare.


I’m going to set up a Kickstarter for 3 sea shells for wiping your ass!


That looks like a mouth guard with brushes inside of it. I bet you still have to floss. Which has been my problem. I don’t have perfect model teeth. So just trying to get floss between my teeth hurts and caused my gums to bleed. But after my last trip to the dentist, I bought myself some floss picks with easy glide floss. Which has made flossing easier for me.


There’s a company that does a 3D scan of your mouth to make a custom toothbrush thing like that. It costs slightly more, would probably work much better, and is still probably a stupid idea.


The Visigoths invaded this weekend. Eight people in the apartment, including six young male jugglers. I declared a rule, with the aim of reducing smell in the living room where they were all sleeping, that everyone who had been juggling had to have a shower before sleeping. Which meant that, holy shit, there was a lot of pubic hair in the bathroom.

That’s where R Daneel came to the rescue! Every day when we went out, we set him off into the bathroom, and we came back to a pubic hair-free bathroom. What an amazing invention.

Was it Geeknights where I first heard the term “Visigoths” to refer to a big group of people coming to stay and ransacking the fridge and despoiling the alters?


Highly probable.


Almost definite.


Right now I have an 8 year old version of this sofa:

The only real difference is that the new version doesn’t have an arm rest on the one side.

It’s a great couch for a small apartment since it offers a bed without folding out to a crazy size. The bed part also lets people just recline and put their legs up without ottomans or anything. Also, the storage is very handy.

The problem is that my couch is all busted. It has a huge hole in it, it is very dirty, and my attempts to clean it have failed. I mean, it’s an IKEA couch. It’s not very well constructed to begin with. It’s also surprisingly inexpensive considering.

Anyway, I am looking at replacement options, and each has their own appeal.

  1. Just get the exact same thing. It will last 8 more years probably, is cheap, easy, and it has been working great so far.

  2. Get a smaller higher quality couch that does not have bed or storage. This is nice because it will open up a lot of space in the small apartment. Will lose the bed and also the storage, but I can manage somehow.

  3. Just some seats. Instead of a couch, get like 2-3 comfy chairs. Rocking chair? Big basket squishy chair? This will really open up a lot of space. Probably at the cost of the ability to lay unless at least one chair reclines.

  4. No seats. Put out a big comfy high quality rug. Then lay out lots of high quality cushions and blankets. Cushions should be big enough to allow sitting up to watch stuff. Also replace coffee table with a very low, but larger, table for eating and gaming. Might lose the storage space under the coffee table, though.

I’m open to pretty much anything. If anyone has other ideas, throw 'em at me.

  1. is the easiest option, if you can live without an arm rest.

  2. Is probably the best option. A better couch will just be better and more comfy. In my last two apartments I’ve spent over $1000 each on couches, and it’s the best thing ever. I spend a lot of time on the couch, so it’s worth it to just get the best possible. I mean, not the most expensive, but the best version of what you want. Opening up space is good too.

  3. Seats are boring. A couch is always more fun with someone else, and you can flop down sideways if you want to relax more. Rocking chairs are BULLSHIT! You think they are fun and/or comfy, but they are a pain, are the opposite of relaxing, make me feel motion sick after a while, and you’ll end up wedging it at a single angle or only ever using it with a foot rest. A reclining chair is good if you’ve got a lot of room, but it will usually have to be a long way from the wall behind.

  4. I’ve known a few people who have tried the “no chairs or couch, just cushions!” but they’ve all only lasted a few months before going back to real living room furniture. I don’t know all the issues, but off the top of my head I can think of a few issues.


The main issue with 4 is that I can’t seem to find a rug that is comfy enough.


I’ve really come to like Japanese floor chairs (no legs, just a seat and a back); that might work for 4.


Are you putting the storage to good use, or are you storing stuff in there because you happen to have storage? That’s probably the first question to ask, because that’ll help you figure out how badly you need storage.


I would kill a man for another closet.


Right now here is what I am storing in there:

The pillows and sheets for the couch/bed itself. My air mattress and the inflating pump. All my spare rolls of paper towel that I bought in bulk on Amazon.

I could get rid of the air mattress and get one of those pads like all the cool kids. I could spend a few dollars more and stop buying paper towel in bulk and just buy one at a time. I wouldn’t need the extra sheets if I didn’t have a spare bed anymore.


You can still have blankets for the couch - just folded along the back of it or something.

People can sleep on a couch, and that might be more viable if it’s a better-quality couch rather than a convertible couchbed thing.

Make guests bring their own air mattress.


I already have couch blankets folded on the back. These is a set of queen sized sheets and such for when it goes into bed mode.

A tiny couch with two cushions can sleep a lot less people than a queen sized bed.

That air mattress is one that I bring to places, not one that is used in my place.


Don’t visit people. Problem solved!

Guests can sleep on the cold hard floor. That is their penance.


It will make it much less pleasant to stay over, but that is actually relatively rare. Like once a year, if that.


Scott, get a few sleep pads like we have. Way more comfortable than air mattresses, much smaller to store, and useful when you travel.


But now you have a spooky skeleton and need another closet!