Household Stuffs


I have wisdom teeth and my bottom right one also has a “flap” on it. I just diligently clean under the flap, and it has never been a problem.


If I had the forethought, I would have had the flap part cut off or something, assuming that’s reasonable. It wasn’t something I actively thought about till it was too late.


Presumably there is Craigslist or some kind equivalent to Gumtree where you can sell your stuff? Even if you don’t get much for it, that’s how I usually deal with getting rid of crap.


Yes, I have done this in the past, but it is very hard to get rid of A LOT of things on a site like that. I want to get rid of everything in one big blob, and people want to take bits and pieces.


True, it does take time and effort posting ads for all of the bits and pieces.


I know that my middle school would take any donations in a hot second.


Take it all then.


How do get? (15 characters)


Come get them at my apartment. I do not have a vehicle to move them.

However, you may have to hurry. I it looks like I might possibly be able to make an arrangement with the Books through Bars in NYC. Apparently, I just had to contact them on Twitter instead of via other means.


Upgraded the 52” 10 y/o Sharp Aquos to a 65” LG 4K OLED Smart TV. It’s crazy thin and awesome. Better deal locally than on Amazon. Got it at almost $400 off.


I really love this TV. I never want to leave my couch.


OLEDs are really good because there is no backlight. Each pixel illuminates itself, so the black is way more black and the contrast ratio is orders of magnitude better compared to other consumer display technologies. You must have saved up your moneys though, because $$$$$. The yields on OLED panels of large size are really awful right now. That’s why they costs thousands, but LED TVs cost hundreds.

Also, sadly all the current OLED TVs, and all currently manufactured TVs, are “smart” TVs which are awful. Also, even the smallest models are 55" which is way too big for my small apartment. I am waiting for someone to come out with a 4K (or greater) OLED monitor somewhere in the ~40" size. The only things connected to my TV are a computer and a Switch, so it just has to have HDMI inputs. No smart TV garbage necessary. Monitors are also cheaper, better, and have less concerns about burn-in which can happen when you have a computer connected.

Apple is also said to be currently working on MicroLED that should be seen in Apple Watches within a few years, and then larger devices beyond that. Of all the options this has the highest potential to be the best consumer display technology of the 2020s. I could see my text TV being an Apple display sometime in 2022/23.


To be fair, the “smartness” of OLED TVs doesn’t bug me (other than maybe it’s an added cost, but more on that in a bit). I just wouldn’t bother hooking it up to my network.

Given that apparently most TVs already seem to have CPUs and run a Linux derivative, whether “smart” or not, I’m willing to bet that the addition of “smart” features adds only a trivial amount to the cost that won’t bug me if I never use those features.


I prefer it when my tv isn’t part of a botnet.


Even so, in my experience these smart UIs are ugly and make the TV less responsive to inputs… I don’t want a shitty cable box for the same reasons, so why would I want one built into the TV?


Almost every “smart” TV has a mode that is low-latency display of whatever’s coming in. As for the rest of the UI, I never touch it anyway, so how could it possibly affect me? :wink:


It’s not about the latency of display. It’s about the lag when you press buttons to do things. Takes a long time just to turn on and turn off because a computer is booting a whole OS and bringing up a nonsense GUI and shit.

As for that GUI you never touch, on most smart TVs it is unavoidable. You turn it on, there it is. You press the input button to change inputs, there it is. It’s not just hidden away behind some “guide” button you never press. It becomes the default view. Imagine trying to avoid your desktop on your PC.


One, I’ve found that poking at modern smart TVs, they’re much more responsive than even some of my older dumb TVs.

Who pushes a button to change input regularly? It’s HTPC 90% of the time. If I turn on the Switch, it auto-switches. If I turn the Switch off, it goes back. Even if there were “lag” there when I had to do it manually, it’s a non-issue.

I don’t think I’ve hit any buttons on the remote other than source, volume, and power since I bought it.

I don’t understand why you care so much about something that affects you so little.


You seem to mistakenly think the TV you have is a smart TV. It is not. I do not believe you have experienced one. You should see the ones we have at work. They are the worst. I’m sure not all are exactly equal, and not all are as bad as those we have here, but all are worse than a good old dumb screen.

Imagine every time you turn on the TV it doesn’t just go to the last input that was set. EVERY time it brings up some UI first, and that UI is as slow and shitty and awful as a cable box.


What brand of smart TV do you have at work? The Sony one I’ve used recently doesn’t bring up its UI until you specifically press a button to bring it up.